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scarface, scarface arklar, scarface ark szleri
1. real475
2.a minute to pray and a second to die442
3.boo boon522
4.born killer411
5.comin agg598
6.do what you do464
7.dyin witcha boots on617
8.for real500
9.fuck faces462
10.funky lil nigga471
11.games over579
12.get out453
13.goin down517
14.guess whos back614
16.hand of the dead body412
17.hes dead719
18.homies and thuggs430
20.i seen a man die443
21.in and out519
22.in between us427
23.in cold blood395
24.in my blood433
25.in my time430
26.it aint, pt590
27.im black494
28.im dead525
29.jesse james470
30.krunch time455
31.let me roll399
32.lettin em know530
33.look me in my eyes445
34.ma homiez438
35.mary jane361
36.mind playin tricks625
37.money and the power602
38.money makes the world go round432
39.mr scarface531
40.no tears433
41.no warning385
42.now i feel ya511
43.og to me433
44.on my block468
47.small time433
50.southside: houston, texas57
52.the ghetto463
53.the last of a dying breed436
54.the wall412
55.the white sheet400
56.they down with us409
58.use them hos649
59.win, lose or draw355
60.ya money or ya life374
61.you dont hear me doe615
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