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savage garden, savage garden arklar, savage garden ark szleri
1.a thousand words457
3.all around me415
4.break me shake me423
5.carry on dancing450
6.chained to you428
7.crash and burn406
8.fire inside the man447
9.gunning down romance424
10.hold me491
11.i dont care569
12.i dont know you anymore562
13.i knew i loved you609
14.i want you404
15.ill bet he was cool459
16.love can move you397
17.memories are designed to fade411
20.santa monica430
21.tears of pearls554
22.the animal song582
23.the best thing372
24.the lover after me430
25.this side of me392
26.to the moon and back551
27.truly madly deeply450
28.two beds and a coffee machine476
31.you can still be free421
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