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sarah brightman, sarah brightman arklar, sarah brightman ark szleri
1.a question of honour396
2.a salty dog439
3.a whiter shade of pale356
4.all i ask of you382
6.alone again or433
7.amigos para siempre538
8.another suitcase in another hall364
9.any dream will do453
10.anything but lonely372
11.anytime, anywhere761
12.arabian nights424
13.as i came of age481
14.away from you389
17.bowling green415
18.brown eyes461
19.by now460
20.cape horn442
21.captain nemo457
22.chanson denfance734
23.chi il bel sogno di doretta533
24.come you not from newcastle523
25.dear harp of my country386
26.deliver me353
27.desert rose610
29.dont cry for me argentina435
30.dont give up571
32.dust in the wind965
33.early one morning591
35.en aranjuez con tu amor509
36.en aranjuez con tu amor in aranjuez with your love496
37.everythings alright511
38.figlio perduto479
40.first of may346
43.ghost in the machinery426
44.gloomy sunday755
45.good morning starshine625
47.gueri de toi499
48.gus: the theatre cat73
49.half a moment394
51.heaven is here399
52.here with me428
53.hijo de la luna363
54.how can heaven love you350
55.how fare this spot598
56.how sweet the answer399
57.i am going to like it here431
58.i dont know how to love him401
59.i loved you337
60.i remember347
61.if i ever fall in love again341
62.if love were all363
63.il mio cuore va533
64.in pace504
65.in pace at peace385
66.in paradisum459
67.in trutina519
68.in trutina in balance558
70.it must be toughto be that cool358
71.its a beautiful day724
72.johnny wanna live385
73.just show me how to love you387
74.just show me how to love you tu cosa fai stasera399
75.la belle est au jardin damour405
76.la califfa671
77.la luna943
78.la mer771
79.la wally624
80.lascia chio pianga637
81.little sir william424
82.love changes everything352
83.luds wedding443
84.macavity: the mystery cat61
87.mr monotony353
88.murder in mairyland park376
89.mysterious days388
90.naturaleza muerta354
91.naturaleza muerta still life351
92.nella fantasia584
93.nessun dorma549
94.no llores por m argentina437
95.no one like you347
96.nothing like youve ever known423
97.o can ye sew cushions563
98.o mio babbino caro gianni schicci529
99.o mio babbino caro oh dear daddy447
100.o waly, waly363
101.oft in the stilly night359
102.oliver cromwell454
103.once in a lifetime377
104.only an ocean away392
105.phantom of the opera436
107.pie jesu532
108.quand jtais chez mon pre397
109.scarborough fair452
110.seven seas602
111.she doesnt see him489
112.ship of fools342
113.silent heart369
114.sleep tight384
115.so many things397
116.solo con te420
117.some girls379
118.something in the air401
119.something to believe in395
120.starship trooper346
121.stranger in paradise442
123.sweet polly oliver353
124.take my life632
125.tell me on a sunday358
126.the ash grove364
127.the fly525
128.the journey home357
129.the last man in my life354
130.the last rose of summer383
131.the last words you said396
132.the music of the night330
133.the plough boy371
134.the river cried376
135.the second element378
136.the second element ii365
137.the trees they grow so high377
138.the unexpected song255
139.the war is over now450
140.there for me439
141.there is more to love310
142.theres none to soothe578
143.this love684
144.three-cornered tune457
145.time to say goodbye409
146.tu quieres volver you want to return364
148.t quieres volver534
149.un jour il viendra487
150.unexpected song344
151.until the end of time398
152.voici le printemps379
153.what a wonderful world339
154.what makes me love him350
155.what you never know582
156.when it rains in america360
157.whistle down the wind386
158.who wants to live forever586
160.wishing you were somehow here again372
162.you take my breath away470
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