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sara evans, sara evans arklar, sara evans ark szleri
1.a real fine place to start374
2.almost new434
3.backseat of a greyhound bus394
4.bible song423
5.big cry520
6.born to fly439
9.cryin game587
11.even now432
12.every little kiss377
13.feel it comin on543
14.fool, im a woman485
15.four thirty419
16.i could not ask for more440
17.i dont wanna see the light676
18.i give in366
19.i keep looking431
20.i learned that from you433
21.i thought id see your face again506
22.if you ever want my lovin586
23.imagine that382
24.lets dance488
25.lets dance659
26.love, dont be a stranger594
27.missing missouri398
28.mommas night out472
29.multiple titles372
30.need to be next to you406
31.new hometown401
33.no place that far421
34.otis redding372
37.rockin horse595
38.roll me back in time431
39.saints & angels340
40.saints and angels407
41.shame about that380
42.show me the way to your heart446
43.suds in the bucket396
45.tell me466
46.thats the beat of a heart510
47.the great unknown430
48.the knot comes untied394
49.the secrets that we keep402
50.the week the river raged329
51.theres only one708
52.these days394
53.these four walls368
54.three chords and the truth343
55.tiger by the tail411
56.time wont tell699
57.to be happy434
59.true lies422
61.walk out backwards358
62.why should i care421
63.you dont506
64.youll always be my baby632
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