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sandra, sandra arklar, sandra ark szleri
1.around my heart435
2.bevor er kam455
3.celebrate your life394
4.change your mind489
5.children of england512
6.crazy juliet488
7.dont be aggressive505
8.dont cry the breakup of the world470
9.everlasting love504
10.fading shades part i490
11.fading shades part ii508
12.first lullaby454
13.heartbeat thats emotion515
14.heaven can wait748
15.hi hi hi1336
17.i need love 827
18.in the heat of the night505
19.innocent love475
20.invisible shelter479
21.ill never be maria magdalena446
22.japan ist weit419
23.johnny wanna live494
24.just like diamonds469
25.la vista de luna557
26.life may be a big insanity419
27.little girl422
29.love turns to pain405
30.lovelight in your eyes486
31.maria magdalena690
32.midnight man581
33.mirror of love686
34.mirrored in your eyes464
35.nights in white satin5364
36.no taboo429
37.on the tray seven years442
38.one more night446
39.paintings in yellow438
40.seal it forever451
41.secret land577
43.sisters and brothers517
44.son of a time machine431
45.steady me514
46.stop for a minute1453
47.tell me more427
48.the journey406
49.the second day528
50.the skin im in494
51.two lovers tonight468
52.well be together706
53.when the rain doesnt come461
54.will you whisper381
55.wont run away534
56.you and i390
57.you are so beautiful430
58.your way to india407
59.youll be mine512
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