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samantha fox, samantha fox arklar, samantha fox ark szleri
1.all i wanna do is552
2.another woman too many people456
3.baby, im lost for words433
4.boundaries of love401
7.do ya, do ya wanna please me426
8.do you want me446
9.dont cheat on me615
10.dont cry wolf632
11.dont wait up570
12.dream city530
13.gimme shelter412
14.hes got sex1052
15.hold on tight380
16.hot for you619
17.hurt me hurt me but the pants stay on394
18.i dream in colours408
19.i only wanna be with you402
20.i promise you396
21.i surrender391
22.i wanna have some fun435
23.if music be the food of love427
24.im all you need473
25.just a dream412
26.just one night381
27.let me be free444
28.love house444
29.love makes you425
30.lovin dont grow on trees469
31.more, more, more/love to love you baby medley400
32.naughty girls399
33.never gonna fall in love again408
34.next to me437
35.nothing you do, nothing you say424
36.nothings gonna stop me now579
37.one in a million417
38.out of our hands431
40.pleasure zone400
41.ready for this love360
42.rockin in the city672
43.santa maria643
45.saving it up401
46.say what you want497
47.seventeen and holding456
48.spirit of america426
49.suzie, dont leave me with your boyfriend614
50.that sensation428
51.the best is yet to come433
52.the reason is you one on one470
53.touch me i want your body682
54.true devotion460
55.walking on air431
56.want you to want me396
57.wasted nrg362
58.watching you393
59.what you see is what you get420
60.where is the love429
61.wild kinda love415
62.you started something422
63.your house or my house436
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