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sam phillips, sam phillips arklar, sam phillips ark szleri
1.animals on wheels441
2.answers dont come easy602
3.baby i cant please you657
4.beating heart386
5.black sky421
6.carry you510
7.circle of fire429
8.compulsive gambler618
9.cruel inventions403
13.faster pussycat to the library477
14.fighting with fire456
16.gimme some truth459
17.go down533
18.god is watching you404
19.help yourself615
20.holding on to the earth481
21.hole in time387
22.i cant stop crying693
23.i dont know how to say goodbye565
24.i dont want to fall in love533
25.i need love512
26.libera me654
27.love and kisses469
28.love is not lost387
30.now i cant find the door574
31.out of time438
32.plastic is forever495
33.power world442
34.private storm513
35.raised on promises435
37.river of love391
38.same changes457
39.same rain454
40.she cant tell time630
43.slapstick heart435
44.standing still422
45.strawberry road425
46.the turning494
47.tripping over gravity581
48.what do i do436
49.what you dont want to hear570
50.wheel of the broken voice446
51.when i fall415
52.where are you taking me433
53.where the colors dont go624
54.where the colors dont go845
55.zero zero zero643
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