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salt n pepa, salt n pepa arklar, salt n pepa ark szleri
1.a salt with a deadly pepa492
2.aint nuthin but a she thing427
3.beauty and the beat442
4.big shot419
5.blacks magic690
6.boy toy458
7.brand new424
8.break of dawn430
10.chick on the side remix407
12.do me right389
13.do you want me406
14.do you want me remix389
15.doper than dope426
16.emphatically no531
19.get up everybody462
20.gitty up464
21.good life384
22.groove me408
23.heaven or hell346
24.heaven n hell remix616
25.here we come366
26.hes gamin on ya510
27.hold on400
28.hyped on the mic423
29.i am down403
30.i am the body beautiful410
31.i desire483
32.i dont know633
33.i gotcha401
34.i like it like that385
35.i like to party432
36.if you believe395
39.independent independent funk vocal351
40.intro jam634
41.its all right572
42.ill take your man675
43.ive got aids psa568
44.knock knock380
45.let the rhythm run remix365
46.lets talk about aids598
47.lets talk about sex729
48.lets talk about sex remix472
49.live and let die408
50.my mic sounds nice384
51.negro wit an ego403
52.no one does it better353
53.none of your business352
54.push it455
55.r u ready413
56.say ooh453
57.sexy noises turn me on371
58.shake your thang353
60.silly of you379
61.solo power lets get paid408
62.solo power syncopated soul410
63.somebodys gettin on my nerves469
64.somma time man407
65.spinderellas not a fella but a girl dj451
66.start me up396
67.start the party403
70.the brick track versus gitty up357
71.the clock is tickin623
72.the showstopper364
74.tramp remix402
75.tramp the original version356
76.twist and shout386
77.upside down round and round382
78.whatta man375
79.whatta man luvbug remix350
80.you showed me401
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