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ry cooder, ry cooder arklar, ry cooder ark szleri
1. question method360
3.across the borderline352
5.all shook up361
6.always lift him up/kanaka wai wai458
7.archies funeral hold to gods unchanging hand725
8.at the dark end of the street377
9.available space438
10.ax sweet mama371
11.better things to think about465
12.billy the kid390
13.blue suede shoes474
14.boomers story453
16.bourgeois blues427
17.chan chan3006
18.cherry ball blues677
19.cole younger polka1030
20.comin in on a wing and a prayer435
21.crazy bout an automobile every woman i know442
22.crow black chicken411
23.dark end of the street452
24.dark is the night446
25.denomination blues369
26.ditty wah ditty432
27.do re mi1800
28.dont mess up a good thing505
29.down in hollywood333
30.down in the boondocks331
31.escape from northfield456
32.fdr in trinidad365
33.france chance364
34.get rhythm364
35.go home, girl377
36.going back to okinawa380
37.going to brownsville409
38.good morning mr railroad man359
39.goodnight irene374
40.great dream from heaven402
41.gypsy woman388
42.hey porter388
43.hell have to go646
44.how can a poor man stand such times and live386
45.how can you keep on moving unless you migrate too405
46.i always knew you were the one447
47.i can tell by the way you smell354
48.i cant win598
49.i got mine522
50.i need a woman378
51.if walls could talk393
52.its all over now476
53.im a good old rebel481
54.im drinking again470
55.jesse james414
56.jesse james another version351
57.jesus on the mainline327
58.johnny porter441
59.leaving missouri486
60.lets have a ball493
61.little sister373
62.look at granny run run396
64.mama, dont treat your daughter mean458
65.maria elena874
66.married mans a fool453
67.medley: fool for a cigarette/feelin good57
68.mexican divorce395
69.money honey421
70.never make your move too soon373
71.old kentucky home350
72.on a monday364
73.one meat ball370
74.pig meat455
75.police dog blues451
76.president kennedy473
77.rally round the flag521
78.school is out327
79.seneca square dance585
80.smack dab in the middle406
82.stand by me2438
83.tamp em up solid524
85.taxes on the farmer feeds us all341
86.teardrops will fall356
87.thats the way love turned out to be525
88.the girls from texas384
89.the long riders566
90.the very thing that makes you rich makes me poor397
91.the way we make a broken heart315
92.trouble you cant fool me445
93.ufo has landed in the ghetto375
94.vigilante man379
95.volver, volver499
96.which came first319
97.why dont you try me471
98.wildwood boys369
99.women will rule the world377
100.yellow roses481
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