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run dmc, run dmc arklar, run dmc ark szleri
1. boroughs826
2. days438
3. in the head489
5.back from hell465
6.beats to the rhyme449
7.big willie385
8.bob your head408
9.can i get a witness424
10.can i get it, yo377
11.can you rock it like this401
12.christmas in hollis400
13.come on everybody428
14.crown royal414
15.darryl and joe krush-groove389
16.dont stop483
17.down with the king423
18.dumb girl475
20.for years619
21.get open460
23.groove to the sound416
24.hard times378
25.heal yourself407
26.here we go456
27.here we go live at hollis park391
28.hit it run371
29.hit em hard472
30.hollis crew krush-groove420
31.howd ya do it dee643
32.in the house399
33.is it live378
34.its like that751
35.its not funny626
36.its over472
37.its tricky540
38.im not going out like that528
39.jam master jay410
40.jam masters jammin631
41.kick the frama lama lama470
42.king of rock406
43.king of rock live mix458
44.lets stay together together forever493
45.livin in the city728
46.mary, mary416
47.miss elaine537
48.my adidas606
49.my downfall473
51.not just another groove451
52.ooh, whatcha gonna do419
53.p upon a tree412
54.papa crazy370
55.party time430
58.peter piper484
59.proud to be black382
60.queens day439
61.radio station428
63.raising hell421
64.rock box407
65.rock show457
66.rock the house488
67.roots, rap, reggae451
68.runs house477
69.santa baby337
70.school of old400
71.son of byford549
72.soul to rock and roll410
73.sucker djs816
74.sucker mcs680
75.take the money and run425
76.the ave420
77.the beginning no further delay385
78.them girls417
79.they call us run-dmc435
80.three little indians458
81.to the maker608
82.together forever live at hollis park 450
83.tougher than leather402
84.wake up509
85.walk this way539
86.whats it all about479
87.whats next504
88.word is born418
89.wreck shop413
90.you be illin723
91.you know what im saying513
92.you talk too much397
93.youre blind484
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