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roy orbison, roy orbison arklar, roy orbison ark szleri
1. candles421
2.a love so beautiful775
3.a mansion on the hill338
4.a new star422
5.a true love goodbye349
6.afraid to sleep369
7.after all458
8.after the love has gone365
9.all by myself360
10.all i have to do is dream551
11.all i need is time421
13.almost eighteen420
15.an empty cup a broken date335
16.another lonely girl342
17.babys gone419
18.bad boy424
21.beautiful dreamer347
23.best friend365
24.beyond the end356
25.big as i can dream448
26.big hearted me355
27.big train from memphis318
28.birth of rock and roll319
29.blackie dalton unreleased337
30.blue angel543
31.blue avenue411
32.blue bayou351
33.blue blue day272
34.blue rain coming down398
35.blue suede shoes389
36.blues in my mind368
37.bobby and the boys recorded by gene thomas350
38.boogie baby341
39.born to be loved by you381
40.born to love me358
41.borne on the wind alt version332
42.borne on the wind single version319
43.breakin up is breakin my heart389
44.bridge over troubled water282
45.brown eyed handsome man332
46.bye bye love15705
47.california blue410
48.california sunshine woman383
49.candy man578
50.cant forget517
51.cant wait395
52.careless heart357
53.careless heart original demo362
54.cast iron arm442
55.casting my spell on you383
58.chicken hearted331
59.chicken hearted alt version321
60.child woman, woman child306
62.city life392
63.class of 471
65.claudette group demo310
66.claudette solo demo324
67.close again388
68.cold cold heart339
69.come back to me my love401
70.coming home409
71.coming home alt version425
72.communication breakdown392
74.crawling back348
76.cry softly lonely one451
77.cry softly lonely one album vers353
79.crying duet with kd lang454
80.crying time325
82.dance alt version357
83.danny boy346
85.daydream of you recorded by don gant344
87.devil doll377
88.dirty world270
89.distant drums355
91.domino alt version418
92.dont be cruel589
93.dont take her from me recorded by don gant429
94.double date432
95.down the line308
97.dream baby how long must i dream267
98.dream you383
99.drift away347
100.drifting away430
101.easy way out324
102.end of the line326
105.fancy dan377
106.far, far away650
107.find my baby for me343
109.fools hall of fame391
110.friday night333
111.friday night living legend vers329
113.girl like mine344
114.give myself a party349
115.go away395
116.go go go407
117.go on345
118.god love you1434
119.going back to gloria330
120.good morning dear554
121.good time party383
123.growing up364
124.handle me wi409
125.harlem woman407
126.heading for the light326
127.heading south336
129.heartbreak radio304
130.heavy load417
132.help me391
133.help me rhonda373
134.here comes that song again331
135.here comes the rain baby370
137.hey good lookin387
138.hey miss fanny550
139.hound dog438
140.hound dog man328
141.house without windows354
142.how are things in paradise323
143.how do you start over346
144.hung up on you366
145.i belong to him412
146.i can read between the lines379
147.i cant help it if im still in love with you345
148.i cant stop loving you377
149.i care380
150.i dont really want you391
151.i drove all night372
152.i fought the law358
153.i get so sentimental337
154.i get so sentimental alt version361
155.i give up411
156.i like love391
157.i never knew343
158.i recommend her377
159.i wanna live370
160.i was a fool alt version345
161.i was a fool single version300
162.if i had a woman like you382
163.if only for a while349
164.if you cant say something nice383
165.in dreams525
166.in the real world393
167.in time429
168.indian summer354
169.indian wedding307
171.it aint no big thing322
172.it aint no big thing but its growing458
173.it takes all kinds of people385
174.it takes one to know one337
175.it wasnt very long ago396
176.its lonely484
177.its over399
178.its too late582
179.id be a legend in my time404
180.ill never tell430
181.ill say its my fault435
182.im a southern man486
183.im hurtin521
184.im in a blue, blue mood991
185.im so lonesome i could cry403
186.im the man on suzies mind388
187.ive been loving you too long to stop now337
188.ive had my moments448
192.just another name for rock and roll313
193.just let me make believe384
194.just one time347
196.keep my motor running391
198.land of dances443
199.last night353
200.last night i heard you crying in your sleep342
202.lavender lace435
203.lawdy miss clawdy411
204.lay it down341
206.let the good times roll364
207.lets make a memory414
208.life fades away326
211.lonely wine370
212.lonesome number one324
213.looking for love312
214.losing you391
215.love hurts386
216.love in time368
217.love is a cold wind491
218.love me like you did last night369
219.love star387
221.loving touch392
225.mean little mama465
226.mean woman blues590
227.medicine man362
229.memories of maria instrumental421
230.memphis, tennessee289
233.movin living legend version370
234.my friend351
235.my prayer400
236.mystery girl365
238.nite life352
239.no chain at all386
240.no ill never get over you426
241.no one really cares478
242.no one will ever know329
243.not alone any more294
244.oh lonesome me377
245.oh pretty woman356
246.oh such a stranger431
247.old love song349
248.one more time341
249.only alive321
250.only the lonely353
251.only with you367
252.only you3841
253.ooby dooby569
255.paper boy377
256.paper boy rca version380
257.party heart363
258.penny arcade319
260.plain jane country come to town369
261.pledging my love332
262.poor baby283
263.poor baby living legend version356
265.pretty one358
266.pretty paper379
267.pretty woman452
268.problem child333
269.problem child alt version341
270.rainbow love391
273.remember the good312
274.remember when365
275.ride away407
276.rings of gold389
277.rip it up373
280.rock and roll fais do do314
281.rockabilly gal348
283.rollin on474
284.run baby run back into my arms373
285.run for the sun373
286.run the engines up high336
287.running scared382
288.sad eyes473
289.san fernando508
290.sasson woman from tv ad450
291.say youre my girl417
292.say youre my girl alt version446
293.scarlet ribbons for her hair373
294.scarlet ribbons for her hair stars on sunday ver342
295.see ruby fall312
296.seems to me322
299.she cheats on me334
300.she wears my ring365
301.she wont hang her love out on the line387
302.shes a mystery to me412
303.shy away456
304.singing the blues346
305.sleepy head364
306.sleepy hollow368
307.so good392
308.so long im gone401
309.so young382
310.something they cant take away375
311.sooner or later362
312.southbound jericho parkway319
313.spring fever335
315.suddenly theres only you459
316.sugar and honey353
317.sugar love383
318.sugar man392
319.summer love345
320.summer song617
323.sweet and easy to love378
324.sweet and innocent386
325.sweet caroline341
326.sweet dreams349
327.sweet mama591
328.sweet mama blue318
329.take care of your woman336
331.tennessee owns my soul359
332.that loving you feeling again320
333.thats a no no554
334.the actress318
335.the cause of it all351
336.the clown368
337.the comedians316
338.the crowd318
339.the defector unreleased345
340.the eyes of texas401
341.the fastest guitar alive362
342.the great pretender324
343.the last song325
344.the loner325
345.the morning after351
346.the only one318
347.the same street397
348.the three bells357
349.the world you live in299
350.there wont be many coming home393
351.therell be no teardrops tonight367
352.things go better with coke375
353.this is my land341
354.this is your song363
355.this kind of love342
356.this little bird301
357.till the heart caves in347
358.time and again410
359.time changed everything350
360.time to cry497
361.tired old country song351
362.todays teardrops423
363.tone soap woman radio ad427
364.too soon to know329
365.truly truly true507
366.try to remember393
367.tryin to get to you320
368.turn some more lights on350
369.tutti frutti1169
370.tweeter and the monkey man332
371.twenty two days335
372.twinkle toes357
373.twinkle toes alt version342
374.two of a kind309
375.unchained melody828
376.under suspicion366
378.valley of the roses instrumental only386
380.walk on771
381.waltzing matilda423
382.warm spot hot350
383.waymores blues393
384.we remember the king999
385.wedding day361
386.well take the night489
387.were into something good496
388.what about me329
389.what am i worth329
390.what kind of love335
391.what now my love315
392.whatd i say529
393.when i stop dreaming354
394.when the blue hour comes339
395.where does all the money go358
396.where have all the flowers gone337
397.where is tomorrow475
399.why a woman cries336
400.why hurt the one who loves you375
401.wild hearts run out of time330
403.wings of glory348
404.with the bug332
405.with the bug rca version385
408.working for the man versions shown331
410.yes im hurting437
411.yesterdays child477
412.yote amo maria417
413.you better stop original title was simply "stop"553
414.you dont know me545
415.you fool you369
416.you got it387
417.you lay so easy on my mind308
418.you may feel me crying383
419.you tell me478
420.you were there343
421.you win again347
422.your cheatin heart466
423.youll never be again427
424.youre gonna cry558
425.youre my baby539
426.youre the one415
427.youve got love694
428.zig zag500
429.zombie zoo351
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