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roxette, roxette arklar, roxette ark szleri
1.almost unreal353
3.beautiful things363
4.better off on her own396
5.bringing me down to my knees349
6.call of the wild357
8.church of your heart343
9.cinnamon street344
10.cinnamon street322
11.come back before you leave355
12.como la lluvia en el cristal watercolours in the rain403
14.crash boom bang374
15.crash boom bang demo384
16.crazy about you420
17.crush on you364
19.cuanto lo siento im sorry504
20.dance away407
21.dancing on the night-wire400
23.directamente a ti run to you349
24.do you get excited373
25.do you wanna go the whole way317
26.dont believe in accidents422
27.dressed for success377
28.drowning in you401
29.el dia del amor perfect day367
30.entering your heart352
31.fading like a flower every time you leave347
35.from head to toe" / non-album tracks365
36.from one heart to another313
37.go to sleep379
38.goodbye to you382
39.habla el corazon listen to your heart385
40.half a woman, half a shadow359
41.happy together418
42.harleys & indians riders in the sky360
43.heart of gold735
44.here comes the weekend345
46.how do you do399
47.i call your name435
48.i could never give you up394
49.i dont want to get hurt433
50.i love the sound of crashing guitars376
51.i never loved a man the way i love you345
52.i remember you416
53.i want you396
54.i was so lucky352
55.it must have been love414
56.it takes you no time to get here338
57.it will take a long long time407
58.im sorry945
59.im sorry demo774
60.im under your magic spell446
62.joy of a toy395
64.june afternoon379
65.keep me waiting361
66.knockin on every door485
68.like lovers do376
69.listen to your heart443
70.little girl356
71.looking for jane324
72.love is all shine your light on me477
73.love spins373
74.make my head go pop343
75.milk and toast and honey337
76.my world, my love, my life397
77.never is a long time369
78.neverending love309
79.no se si es amor it must have been love330
80.one is such a lonely number360
82.pay the price349
83.pearls of passion366
84.perfect day333
85.physical fascination342
86.place your love345
87.queen of rain345
88.quiero ser como tu i dont wanna get hurt465
89.reaching high374
90.real sugar440
91.run to you359
93.secrets that she keeps355
94.seduce me442
95.see me587
96.shadow of a doubt400
97.she doesnt live here anymore402
98.silver blue389
99.sleeping in my car304
100.sleeping single365
101.small talk388
102.so far away328
103.so you wanna be a rock & roll star342
104.soul deep374
105.soy un475
106.soy una mujer fading like a flower772
107.spending my time405
108.staring at the ground335
111.the big l383
112.the centre of the heart358
113.the first girl on the moon371
114.the heart shaped sea358
115.the look669
116.the rain627
117.the sweet hello, the sad goodbye351
118.the voice438
119.things will never be the same344
120.timida vulnerable368
121.try just a little bit harder356
122.turn to me605
124.un dia sin ti spending my time315
125.una reina va detras de un rey queen of rain657
126.view from a hill379
129.vulnerable demo376
130.waiting for the rain578
131.watercolours in the rain332
132.whats she like470
133.wish i could fly425
134.you cant put your arms around whats already gone362
135.you dont understand me484
136.you turn me on377
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