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ronna reeves, ronna reeves arklar, ronna reeves ark szleri
1.a hundred and one367
2.after the dance432
3.big night out395
4.collect from wichita407
5.frontier justice403
6.heartbreak shoes411
7.hes my weakness669
8.honky tonk hearts423
9.how could you415
10.i dont know nothin at all464
11.it only hurts when i laugh419
12.ill be faithful to you530
13.mind over matters of the heart570
14.my heart wasnt in it556
15.never let him see me cry514
16.next train out370
17.nobody here to love407
18.not yet but im gettin there569
19.one way ticket436
20.rodeo man434
21.she wins515
22.staying gone380
23.thats all right with me599
24.the more i learn400
25.theres love on the line533
26.this cant be anything but love510
27.waitin for the phone to ring601
28.we can hold our own457
29.what if youre wrong549
30.you cant say you dont love me anymore653
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