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roger waters, roger waters arklar, roger waters ark szleri
1. am apparently they were travelling abroad499
2. am arabs with knives and west german skies452
3. am dunroamin, duncarin, dunlivin415
4. am every strangers eyes461
5. am every strangers eyes460
6. am for the first time today-part459
7. am go fishing408
8. am running shoes382
9. am sexual revolution419
10. am the moment of clarity441
11. am the pros and cons of hitchhiking420
12. am the remains of our love379
13. for the first time today-part441
14.a gentle breeze blew through life594
15.amused to death485
16.another brick in the wall, part i469
17.another brick in the wall, part ii406
18.another brick in the wall, part iii420
20.body transport795
21.brain damage432
23.breathe in album in the flesh live429
24.bridge passage for three plastic teeth473
25.bring the boys back home436
26.chain of life363
27.comfortably numb412
28.dance of the red corpuscles512
30.dont leave me now723
31.each small candle428
33.embryo thought481
34.embryonic womb-walk482
35.empty spaces384
36.facts and figures hugh cornwell420
37.flickering flame367
38.folded flags waters413
39.four minutes1889
40.get your filthy hands off my desert448
41.give birth to a smile430
42.goobye blue sky447
43.goodbye cruel world563
44.hand dance-full evening dress655
45.happiest days of our lives435
46.hey you543
47.hildas dream waters569
48.hildas hair waters786
50.in the flesh417
51.is there anybody out there464
52.its a miracle748
53.knockin on heavens door529
54.knockin on heavens door765
55.late home tonight, part ii374
56.lick your partners471
57.lost boys calling445
58.march past of the embryos487
59.me or him395
61.more than seven dwarfs in penis-land618
63.mrs throat goes walking478
64.nobody home434
65.old folks ascension458
66.one of my turns377
67.our song698
68.perfect sense part i & ii392
69.perfect sense, part i403
70.perfect sense, part ii437
71.piddle in perspex506
72.pigs on the wing part476
73.radio kaos464
74.radio waves453
75.red stuff writhe474
76.run like hell422
77.sea shell an stone400
78.sea shell and soft stone549
79.set the controls for the heart of the sun399
80.shine on you crazy diamond471
81.southampton dock431
83.sunset strip373
84.the american bomber waters550
85.the anderson shelter waters410
86.the attack waters413
87.the ballad of bill hubbard542
88.the bravery of being out of range406
89.the brazilian genesis571
90.the british submarine waters501
91.the fallout waters441
92.the happiest days of our lives316
93.the powers that be375
94.the russian missile waters539
95.the shuffle paul hardcastle519
96.the story360
97.the thin ice438
98.the thin ice491
99.the tide is turning after live aid487
100.the tide is turning in album the wall live in berlin472
101.the trial408
102.the womb bit497
103.three wishes495
104.three wishes in album flickering flame457
106.too much rope433
107.towers of faith383
108.towers of faith waters397
110.waiting for the worms412
111.watching tv464
112.welcome to the machine426
113.what god wants, part i567
114.what god wants, part ii510
115.what god wants, part iii371
116.what have they done squeeze434
117.when the wind blows david bowie431
118.who needs information435
119.wish you were here434
120.young lust452
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