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roger miller, roger miller arklar, roger miller ark szleri
1.a million years or so466
2.a world so full of love393
4.aint that fine488
5.all fall down475
6.all i love is you373
8.as long as theres a shadow459
9.atta boy girl380
10.best of all possible worlds312
11.big harlan taylor362
12.billy bayou417
13.boeing boeing422
14.burma shave397
15.but i love you more610
16.by the time i get to phoenix358
17.cant stop loving you398
19.colonel maggie398
20.crystal day369
21.dad blame anything a man cant quit424
22.dang me417
23.darbys castle448
24.dark side of the moon442
25.days of our wives411
26.dear heart519
27.disco man498
29.dont we all have the right431
30.engine, engine number nine415
31.every which-a-way403
32.everybodys talkin649
33.feel of me361
34.footprints in the snow346
36.gentle on my mind326
37.good old days388
38.got again385
39.green green grass of home372
41.half a mind374
42.hand for the hog348
43.hard headed me390
44.heartbreak hotel385
45.hey good lookin475
46.hey little star394
47.hey would you hold it down370
51.husbands and wives361
52.i aint never389
53.i aint coming home tonight444
54.i aint gonna work no more575
55.i believe in the sunshine411
56.i catch myself crying364
57.i get up early in the morning1292
58.i know who it is386
59.i love a rodeo321
60.i wish i could fall in love today415
61.if i ever fall in love387
62.if you want me to372
63.in the summertime361
64.indian giver421
65.invitation to the blues443
66.it happened just that way367
67.it takes all kinds to make a world332
68.its a miracle that youre mine687
69.id come back to me390
70.ill be somewhere487
71.ill pick up my heart and go home440
72.im gonna teach my heart to bend407
73.ive been a long time leavin but ill be a long time gone350
74.ive gotten used to the cryin385
75.jimmy brown the newsboy344
76.jody and the kid297
77.kansas city star364
78.king of the road362
79.lady america438
80.leavins not the only way to go400
81.less and less337
82.less of me618
83.little green apples332
84.lock, stock, and teardrops345
85.lous got the flu430
86.love is not for me361
87.loving her was easier336
88.loving you is always on my mind351
89.me and bobby mcgee345
90.meanwhile back in abilene354
91.muddy water370
92.my ears should burn384
93.my elusive dreams312
94.my uncle used to love me but she died344
95.mystery train536
97.nothing can stop my love375
98.oklahoma woman369
99.old friends391
100.one dying and a burying327
101.open up your heart458
102.our hearts will play the music350
103.our little love449
104.our love350
105.pardon this coffin355
108.pleasing the crowd462
109.poor little john395
110.precious baby363
111.private john q388
112.qua la linta487
114.ringing up rosie393
115.river in the rain347
116.roll away498
117.ruby dont take your love to town390
118.shame bird413
119.shannons song465
120.some hearts get all the breaks347
121.some people make it418
122.somewhere theres a lady486
123.sorry willie453
125.squares make the world go round390
126.stephen foster379
127.swing low, swinging chariot372
128.swiss cottage place358
129.swiss maid412
130.tall tall trees393
131.th of never431
132.thats the way i feel431
133.thats the way its always been466
134.thats why i love you like i do459
135.the animal of man456
136.the day i jumped from uncle harveys plane397
137.the fool518
138.the hat421
139.the last word in lonesome is me352
140.the man who stayed in monterey314
141.the moon is high359
142.the opera aint over till the fat lady sings394
143.the riddle559
144.the th of july362
145.the yester waltz381
146.there i go dreamin436
147.theres nobody like you478
148.this town393
149.tips of my fingers414
150.tjs last ride444
152.tomorrow night in baltimore369
153.train of life558
154.under your spell again365
156.walking in the sunshine380
157.wanda iguana605
158.what id give to be the wind406
159.what would my mama say401
160.when a house is not a home317
161.when two worlds collide382
162.where have all the average people gone377
163.with pen in hand384
164.wontcha come be my friend418
165.working girl380
166.you cant do me this way412
167.you cant roller skate in a buffalo herd372
168.you didnt have to be so nice419
169.you oughta be here with me388
170.youre a part of me407
171.youre forgetting me439
172.youre my kingdom398
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