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babyface, babyface arklar, babyface ark szleri
1.a bit old-fashioned488
2.a girl like you508
3.a lovers holiday508
4.a song for mama473
5.aint got no remedy636
6.all day thinkin680
7.all i ask474
8.all night long470
10.always in my heart442
11.and i gave my love to you441
12.and our feelings427
13.another sad love song616
18.baby baby baby584
19.baby come to me418
20.baby i484
21.babys mama feat snoop dogg451
22.basic instinct426
24.betcha never444
25.body talk580
26.born in time406
27.boys and girls377
28.breathe again400
29.can i stay with you403
30.can we talk428
33.cant get enough496
34.cant stop472
35.cant stop my heart517
36.care for me471
37.change the world433
39.could you learn to love315
40.count on me427
41.damn thing called love397
42.dear lie489
43.diggin on you488
44.dont be cruel486
45.dont cha think454
46.dont take it so personal451
47.dont wanna love you478
48.dont waste your time476
49.dont you deserve someone689
50.dream away420
52.dry your eyes403
53.end of the road411
54.every little bit of my heart384
55.every little step444
56.every time i close my eyes366
57.exhale shoop shoop412
58.eyes of a stranger396
59.fairweaher friend352
61.fall for you410
62.find me a man379
64.fly away406
65.follow my rainbow363
66.for the cool in you407
67.forbidden love443
68.girl in the life magazine419
70.give u my heart425
71.given a chance413
72.giving you the benefit459
73.gone too soon680
74.good enough418
75.hard to say im sorry461
76.have i never444
77.have yourself a merry little christmas423
78.heat of the moment368
79.here comes the pain again432
80.here he comes again399
81.ho of my own483
82.honey oh how i need you395
83.how can i not love you430
84.how can u be down420
85.how come, how long392
86.how could an angel break my heart460
87.how could you call her baby423
88.how did he love you370
89.how do you tell the one398
90.how many times will you let him break your heart373
91.how often475
92.humpin around477
93.i bow out421
94.i care bout you434
95.i dont understand489
96.i dont want to be lonely417
97.i dont want to know454
98.i dream, i dream472
99.i honestly love you402
100.i keep callin487
101.i love you babe391
102.i miss you so much517
103.i said i love you358
104.i still love you383
105.i surrender458
107.if ever405
108.if only in heavens eyes476
109.if we try451
111.in the late of the night386
112.isnt it scary731
113.it came upon a midnight clear / the first noel345
114.it hurts like hell453
115.its no crime494
116.ill always love you498
117.ill be home for christmas781
118.ill be there498
119.ill make love to you504
120.ill send you roses553
121.im ready446
122.im your baby tonight471
123.jazzy belle518
124.just for a day414
125.just hold on449
126.just my luck400
127.kissing you408
128.knocked out376
129.lady, lady508
130.last night443
131.let it flow423
132.let no one separate us386
133.lets be romantic471
134.lets do it again498
135.lets get the mood right436
136.love by day, love by night412
137.love hurts408
138.love makes things happen336
139.love should brought you home374
140.love will be waiting385
141.love will be waiting at home437
142.lover and friend361
144.loves been so nice457
145.mary mack414
146.melt away398
148.missing you403
149.my first night with you423
150.my funny valentine473
151.my heart is calling390
152.my kinda girl384
153.my love, sweet love364
154.my name is not susan380
155.my, my, my445
157.never forget you535
158.never gonna let you go409
159.never keeping secrets386
160.never love you385
161.no deposit, no return372
162.no doubt about love396
163.nobody knows it but me399
164.not gon cry457
165.nothin that compares u349
166.on our own374
167.on the line402
168.one love415
169.ordinary girl389
170.outside in/inside out379
171.pants off414
172.power of the dream442
173.pretty girl382
174.pretty little girl399
175.pride & joy367
176.queen of the night426
177.ready or not396
178.reason for breathing396
179.rebel with a cause367
180.red light special406
181.rock bottom382
182.rock witcha481
184.roses are red370
185.rudolph the red-nosed reindeer438
186.sadder than blue346
187.sara smile427
189.saved for someone else361
192.seven seas450
193.seven whole days415
194.shock dat monkey414
195.silent night532
196.simple days384
197.sittin up in my room477
198.sleigh ride387
199.slow jam414
200.slow jams383
201.so hard to say goodbye402
202.so many thangz462
203.so sexual377
204.someone to love372
205.something in your eyes445
206.somethin you wanna know404
207.soon as i get home384
208.southern girl427
209.sprung on it375
210.still in love with u325
211.stressed out432
213.sunshine jay-z feat babyface & foxy brown355
215.sweet november392
216.swing it423
217.take a bow387
218.take your time355
219.talk to me381
221.tell me where398
222.tender lover384
223.that somebody was you440
224.thats all i want443
225.the best of love336
226.the christmas song348
227.the day that you gave me a son398
228.the impossible dream362
229.the little drummer boy463
230.the lover in me352
231.there she goes414
232.theres no me without you434
233.these are the times385
234.this is for the lover in you339
235.this is how it works429
236.time to end the story387
237.treat you right394
238.true colors413
239.true lovers345
240.truly something special393
241.turn down the lights472
242.two occasions396
243.u should know364
244.until you come back387
245.water runs dry392
246.well alright452
247.wey u786
248.were making whoopee470
249.were not making love no more448
250.what if465
251.what u r me390
253.when can i see you465
254.when men grow old416
255.when you believe410
256.when your body gets weak378
257.where is my love461
258.where will you go424
259.where you are413
260.whip appeal366
261.white christmas575
263.why do i believe391
264.why does it hurt so bad395
265.why me416
266.why should i care438
267.winter wonderland390
268.wish u was my girl418
269.with all my heart377
270.with him426
271.word to the badd380
272.work it out403
273.you are so beautiful867
274.you are the man387
275.you cant run497
276.you got the love i want349
277.you make me feel brand new415
278.you mean the world to me510
279.you said, you said392
280.you were loved420
281.you were there419
282.young girl450
283.your eyes439
284.youll never stand alone470
285.youre makin me high461
286.til you do me right459
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