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robert palmer, robert palmer arklar, robert palmer ark szleri
1.addicted to love506
2.all the will in the world373
3.back in my arms350
4.bad case of loving you doctor, doctor386
5.best of both worlds364
7.can we still be friends458
9.come over396
10.every kinda people444
11.fine time395
12.found you now424
13.from a whisper to a scream342
14.get outside364
15.give me an inch367
16.gotta get a grip on you part ii371
17.hard head549
18.have mercy613
19.here with you tonight328
20.hey julia444
21.how much fun343
22.i choose you396
23.i dream of wires384
24.in walks love again352
26.johnny and mary355
27.keep in touch576
28.lets get it on410
29.looking for clues327
30.love can run faster431
31.love stop401
32.man smart/ woman smarter546
33.mean old world346
34.mr wise guy380
35.night people362
36.no problem447
37.not a second time383
38.off the bone564
39.one last look364
40.pressure drop386
41.remember to remember348
42.river boat392
43.sailing shoes406
44.sex appeal392
45.she makes my day432
46.simply irresistible479
47.sneakin sally through the alley386
48.some like it hot388
49.some people can do what they like463
50.spanish moon412
52.stone cold456
53.sulky girl419
54.the long and winding road337
55.through it all theres you543
56.too good to be true380
58.true love379
59.under suspicion395
60.what can you bring me378
61.what do you care473
62.whats it take442
63.where can it go360
64.which of us is the fool362
65.woke up laughing397
66.woman youre wonderful553
67.work to make it work376
68.work to make it work in album r&b337
69.you overwhelm me374
70.you really go me323
71.youre gonna get whats coming428
72.youre not the only one496
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