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rick springfield, rick springfield arklar, rick springfield ark szleri
1. x x x475
2. years347
3.act of faith321
4.affair of the heart361
5.all day and all of the night687
6.all day and all of the night the kinks340
8.april ,651
10.are you going to find out685
11.bad boy450
12.beautiful feelings363
13.beautiful prize351
14.beethoven street363
15.believe in me334
16.big beautiful friday night366
17.black is black341
18.bop til you drop396
19.born out of time342
20.brand new feeling326
22.calling all girls350
23.carry me away335
24.catch me if you can511
25.celebrate youth370
26.child within421
27.christmas in memphis561
28.cold feet398
29.come on everybody916
30.comic book heroes678
31.daddys pearl415
32.daddys pearl another version414
33.dance this world away369
34.desperate lives365
35.do you love your children332
36.dont talk to strangers467
37.dont walk away418
38.doo wah diddy diddy645
39.dream in colour370
40.eat your hart out, rick springfield337
41.eleanor rigby353
42.everybodys cheating419
43.everybodys girl405
44.evil child430
47.free & easy361
48.get off of my cloud326
53.his last words370
54.hold onto your dream336
55.hole in my heart362
56.honeymoon in beirut349
57.hooky jo431
58.how do you talk to girls354
59.human touch370
60.i cant stop hurting you492
61.i didnt mean to love you425
62.i get excited350
63.i know that its magic727
64.i need you362
65.i want you468
66.if we can help one another414
67.if you think youre groovy406
68.in veronicas head399
69.inside silvia464
70.intergalactic circus of wonders355
71.is everybody happy413
73.its about time471
74.its driving me crazy490
75.im your superman971
76.ive done everything for you391
78.jessies girl403
79.just gotta sing351
80.just one kiss353
81.just one look370
84.language of love395
85.let it shine327
86.life is a celebration375
87.like father like son360
89.little roland lost428
90.living in oz326
91.looking for the one338
92.love is alright tonight450
93.love is the key415
94.love receiver371
95.love somebody426
97.me & johnny325
99.million dollar face368
100.miss your kiss373
101.misty water woman357
102.modern world357
103.monty and me351
104.motel eyes361
105.mother can you carry me377
106.mr songwriter331
107.my fathers chair416
108.new lover452
109.old gangsters never die355
110.on the other side327
111.one broken heart341
112.one reason to believe327
113.ordinary girl411
116.red hot & blue love358
117.religion of the heart329
118.rhythm of the beat399
119.river in time394
120.rock of life416
123.scandalous life337
124.sha la la443
125.shes alright391
126.shock to my system338
127.smile for the camera336
128.solitary one371
130.soul to soul342
132.spanish eyes350
133.speak to the sky368
134.stand up372
135.stand up for love331
136.starlight, starbright626
137.state of the heart318
138.still crazy for you343
139.strange things388
141.stranger in the house330
142.streaking the australian way334
145.take a hand334
146.tao of heaven339
147.taxi dancing327
148.tear it all down363
149.the american girl380
150.the ballad of annie goodbody333
151.the freak372
152.the great lost art of conversation377
153.the human sea356
154.the liar418
155.the light of love342
156.the magic that surrounds you414
157.the photograph338
158.the power of love the tao of love302
159.the rick springfield song297
160.the unhappy ending lead me on331
161.theme from mission magic362
162.tiger by the tail358
164.treat me gently in the morning349
165.walk like a man337
166.walking on the edge350
167.walking the floor on my hands over you353
168.weep no more366
169.welcome to the rodeo366
170.were gonna have a good time399
171.what kind of fool am i344
172.what would the children think356
173.whenever i call you friend343
174.wheres all the love404
175.white room335
177.why are you waiting359
178.why dont you dance428
180.world start turning332
181.written in rock347
182.yes im glad447
183.you better get going now312
184.you can really do it322
185.you cant judge a book479
186.youd better think twice475
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