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richard marx, richard marx arklar, richard marx ark szleri
1.almost everything393
3.angels lullaby564
4.back to me424
5.big boy now362
6.boy next door423
8.calling you465
9.cant help falling in love977
10.cant lie to my heart599
11.chains around my heart430
12.children of the night400
13.days in avalon375
14.dont mean nothing421
15.endless summer nights364
17.fools game691
18.goodbye hollywood366
19.hands in your pocket393
20.have mercy488
22.heart on the line394
23.heaven only knows413
24.heavens waiting379
25.hold on to the nights378
26.i get no sleep434
27.if you dont want my love425
28.keep coming back413
29.little miss heartbreak472
30.lonely heart399
31.love unemotional385
33.more than a mystery422
34.my confession396
35.nothing left behind us398
36.nothing to hide347
37.nothing you can do about it402
38.now and forever558
39.one man463
40.one more time584
41.one more try379
42.playing with fire411
43.power of you and me389
44.real world396
45.remember manhattan378
46.rhythm of life395
47.right here waiting529
50.shouldve known better421
51.silent scream354
52.slipping away398
53.someone special380
54.soul motion481
55.straight from my heart375
56.streets of pain400
58.take this heart351
59.thanks to you393
60.that was lulu381
61.the edge of forever423
62.the flame of love435
63.the image435
64.the way she loves me389
65.too early to be over400
66.too late to say goodbye409
67.touch of heaven365
68.until i find you again449
69.wait for the sunrise388
70.waiting on your love376
71.what you want399
72.whats the story583
73.whats wrong with that443
74.you never take me dancing375
75.your world352
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