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residents, residents arklar, residents ark szleri
1.bach is dead682
2.blue rosebuds445
3.boo who677
5.bouncing benny390
6.confused by what i felt inside399
9.fine fat flies401
11.hard and tenderly394
12.harry the head419
13.here come the bums460
14.home age conversation431
15.i gave myself to you388
17.kill the great raven403
18.kiss of flesh355
19.laughing song505
21.living in vain581
22.loss of a loved one399
23.main titles god in three persons506
24.nobody laughs when they leave426
25.pain and pleasure405
26.picnic in the jungle365
27.silver, sharp and could not care353
28.sinister exaggerator573
29.six things to a cycle617
30.the booker tease494
31.the golden goat628
32.the man in the dark sedan429
33.the service443
34.the spot496
35.the thing about them383
36.the touch433
37.the vultures of bombay372
38.their early years369
39.tourniquet of roses354
40.wanda wanda wanda677
41.you yesyesyes815
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