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reba mcentire, reba mcentire arklar, reba mcentire ark szleri
1.a christmas letter389
2.a cowboy like you391
3.a new love384
4.a poor mans roses or a rich mans gold514
5.all dressed up with nowhere to go355
6.all of you373
7.all this time383
8.am i the only one who cares383
9.and still436
10.angel in your arms321
11.away in the manger463
12.babys gone blues743
13.back before the war388
14.before i met you427
16.buying her roses399
17.by the time i get to phoenix377
18.cant even get the blues no more440
19.cant stop now481
20.cant stop now different than the version on reba live403
21.cathys clown713
22.climb that mountain high372
23.close to crazy377
26.do right by me375
27.does he love you with linda davis391
28.dont forget your way home427
29.dont say goodnight, say good morning452
30.dont touch me there445
31.dont you believe him486
32.ease the fever508
33.empty arms501
34.every second someone breaks a heart359
35.everything but my heart371
36.everything ill ever own497
37.everything that you want367
38.everytime you touch her446
39.face to face394
40.fallin out of love482
42.five hundred miles away from home482
43.for herself386
44.for my broken heart495
45.for my broken heart350
47.glad i waited just for you359
48.gonna love ya till the cows come home380
49.good friends460
50.happy birthday jesus364
51.have i got a deal for you396
52.he broke your memory last night354
53.he wants to get married436
55.heart hush459
56.hes in dallas479
57.hes only everything492
58.hold on487
59.how blue449
60.how does it feel to be free358
61.how was i to know434
62.i can see forever in your eyes517
63.i dont need nothin you aint got410
64.i dont think love ought to be that way417
65.i dont wanna be a one night stand423
66.i dont want to be alone502
67.i dont want to mention any names517
68.i heard her cryin675
69.i know how he feels335
70.i know ill have a better day tomorrow430
71.i like it that way463
72.i sacrificed more than youll ever lose441
73.i saw mama kissing santa claus357
74.i still long to hold you now and then364
75.i want to hear it from you368
76.i was glad to give my everything to you422
77.i wish that i could tell you409
78.i wont mention it again531
79.i wont stand in line470
80.i wouldnt go that far503
81.i wouldnt know537
82.i wouldnt wanna be you542
83.if i could live your life357
84.if i had my way421
85.if i had only known390
86.if only418
87.if you only knew339
88.if you see him367
89.indelibly blue375
91.invitation to the blues500
92.is it really love355
93.is there life out there365
94.it always rains on saturday388
95.it dont matter468
96.its another silent night529
97.its gotta be love506
98.its not over700
99.its your call702
100.id rather ride around with you488
101.id say you616
102.ill be496
103.ill be home for christmas580
104.ill believe it when i feel it507
105.ill give you something to miss459
106.ill take your heart492
107.im a survivor789
108.im a woman443
109.im gettin over you626
110.im in love all over424
111.im not that lonely yet518
112.im not your girl477
113.ive never stopped dreaming of you423
114.ive seen better days644
115.ive still got the love we made511
116.ive waited all my life for you471
118.just a little love405
119.just across the rio grande420
120.just looking for him422
121.last night, evry night428
122.let the music lift you up315
123.lighter shade of blue353
124.little girl415
125.little rock376
126.lonely alone413
127.long distance lover395
128.look at the one whos been looking at you411
129.lookin for a new love story433
130.love by love394
131.love is never easy396
132.love isnt love til you give it away472
133.love will find its way to you432
134.lovin you, lovin me462
135.make me feel like a woman wants to feel416
136.mama tried413
137.mary, did you know372
138.misty blue433
139.muddy mississippi356
140.my heart has a mind of its own348
141.my mind is on you421
142.my turn466
143.never had a reason to387
144.new fool at an old game378
145.nickel dreams408
146.night life364
147.no such thing394
148.nobody dies from a broken heart371
149.now you tell me447
150.o holy night390
151.theres nothing like the love between a woman and a man388
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