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ray charles, ray charles arklar, ray charles ark szleri
1.a fool for you397
2.a sentimental blues466
3.a song for you422
4.after my laughter come tears467
5.aint that love525
6.am i blue508
7.america the beautiful386
9.baby let me hold your hand477
10.baby, its cold outside471
13.born to lose392
15.bye bye love1771
16.come back baby519
17.come rain or come shine477
19.cry me a river405
20.crying time408
21.dont change on me550
22.dont cry baby585
23.dont let the sun catch you crying458
24.dont you know449
25.drifting blues396
26.drown in my own tears455
27.eleanor rigby399
28.evry time we say goodbye458
29.fifty nifty united states470
30.gee, baby, aint i good to you406
31.georgia on my mind401
33.guess ill hang my tears out to dry436
34.hallelujah i love her so429
35.hallelujah, i love her so273
36.hardhearted hannah731
37.here we go again2696
38.hide nor hair376
39.hit the road jack815
40.honey, honey1088
41.how long has this been going on339
42.i believe to my soul407
43.i can make it thru the days but oh those lonely nights382
44.i cant stop loving you487
45.i chose to sing the blues373
46.i cried for you479
47.i didnt know what time it was440
48.i dont need no doctor443
49.i got a woman415
50.i gotta woman393
51.i love you, i love you i will never let you go366
52.i wake up crying416
53.i wonder whos kissing her now430
54.if i give you my love1002
55.in the heat of the night439
56.is there anyone out there421
57.it shouldve been me428
58.ill be good to you435
59.ill do anything but work434
60.im going down to the river445
61.im gonna move to the outskirts of town422
62.im movin on405
63.ive got news for you414
64.jumpin in the morning429
65.kissa me baby389
66.leave my woman alone507
67.let the good times roll359
68.lets go get stoned490
69.living for the city567
70.lonely avenue433
71.look what theyve done to my song, ma360
72.makin whoopee449
73.my bonnie437
74.my heart cries for you459
75.no one to cry to472
76.ol man river473
77.rainy night in georgia740
79.seven spanish angels388
80.shake a tailfeather382
81.shes on the ball433
82.sittin on top of the world796
83.smack dab in the middle517
84.spirit in the dark reprise361
85.sticks and stones391
86.still crazy after all these years374
87.swanee river rock1104
88.take these chains from my heart338
89.teardrops in my heart617
90.tell the truth417
91.that lucky old sun367
92.thats where its at813
93.the brightest smile in town330
94.the cincinnati kid426
95.the danger zone421
96.the right time359
97.the suns gonna shine again489
98.them that got349
99.this little girl of mine377
100.till there was you366
101.together again411
102.unchain my heart383
104.what id say450
105.willow weep for me332
106.without a song321
107.without love there is nothing354
109.you are my sunshine383
110.you dont know me603
111.you wont let me go570
112.your cheatin heart446
113.youve got me crying again600
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