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ratt, ratt arklar, ratt ark szleri
1.all or nothing410
2.all the way401
3.back for more463
4.between the eyes433
5.body talk587
6.bottom line398
8.cant wait on love759
9.chain reaction436
10.city to city602
11.closer to my heart363
13.dangerous but worth the risk417
14.dead reckoning408
15.diamond time again627
16.dont bite the hand that feeds497
17.dr rock574
18.drive me crazy505
19.enough is enough447
20.gave up givin up665
21.give it all423
22.givin yourself away425
23.got me on the line424
24.hard time534
25.heads i win, tails you lose447
26.hold tight418
27.i want a woman437
28.i want it all377
29.i want to love you tonight515
30.in your direction496
31.it aint easy426
32.it doesnt matter469
33.im insane582
34.lack of communication440
35.lay it down422
36.live for today468
37.looking for love406
38.lovin you fonic mix lp version677
39.lovin yous a dirty job456
40.luv sick459
41.mother blues448
42.never use love441
43.no surprise422
44.one good lover418
45.one step away454
46.over the edge606
47.ratt madness567
48.round and round447
49.scene of the crime388
50.th avenue483
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