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randy travis, randy travis arklar, randy travis ark szleri
2.a few ole country boys399
3.a heartache in the works369
4.a little bitty crack in her heart383
5.a little left of center425
6.a man aint made of stone455
7.allergic to the blues346
8.amazing grace416
9.an old pair of shoes396
10.ants on a log462
12.are we in trouble now367
14.before you kill us all441
15.better class of loser387
16.day one539
17.deeper than the holler461
18.diggin up bones407
19.diggin up bones454
20.doctor jesus493
21.dont ever sell your saddle561
22.dont take your love away from me515
23.drive another nail402
24.easy to love you369
25.forever and ever amen626
26.future mister me406
27.gonna walk that line449
28.good intentions420
29.hard rock bottom of your heart385
30.he walked on water383
31.heroes and friends415
32.highway junkie373
33.honky tonk side of town399
34.honky-tonk moon425
35.horse called music412
36.i am going582
37.i can almost hear her wings416
38.i told you so404
39.i wish it would rain390
40.i wont need you anymore590
41.if i didnt have you496
42.if it aint one thing its another488
43.in a heart like mine355
44.is it still over391
45.its just a matter of time514
46.id do it all again with you512
47.ill be right here loving you547
48.im gonna have a little talk463
49.king of the road376
50.long on lonely short on pride368
51.look heart, no hands407
52.mining for coal386
53.my house397
54.no place like home376
55.no reason to change381
56.no stoppin us now706
57.old x480
58.once youve heard the truth574
59.out of my bones400
60.point of light385
61.price to pay391
63.reasons i cheat392
64.send my body home on a freight train374
65.shopping for dresses438
66.singing the blues516
67.smokin the hive614
68.somewhere in my broken heart407
69.spirit of a boy, wisdom of a man392
70.thats where i draw the line493
71.the box397
72.the family bible and the farmers almanac593
73.the hole447
74.the storms of life397
75.the truth is lyin next to you467
76.thirteen mile goodbye411
77.this is me439
78.tonight were gonna tear down the walls538
79.too gone, too long398
80.walk your own road408
81.we aint out of love yet491
82.whatll you do about me601
83.when your world was turning for me379
84.where can i surrender363
85.whisper my name441
86.would i517
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