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rakim, rakim arklar, rakim ark szleri
2.all night long402
3.casualties of war396
4.concrete jungle426
5.eric b is president497
6.finest ones452
7.flow forever388
8.follow the leader420
9.guess whos back629
10.heat it up399
11.how i get down403
12.i aint no joke650
13.i get visual438
14.i know417
15.i know you got soul398
16.in the ghetto413
18.its a must721
19.its been a long time416
20.its the r519
21.ill be there689
22.ill bust em, you punish em522
23.juice know the ledge -356
24.let the rhythm hit em365
25.living for the city347
26.lyrics of fury349
28.microphone fiend419
29.move the crowd436
31.my melody352
32.mystery who is god405
33.new york ya out there371
34.outro the th letter430
35.paid in full388
36.real shit349
37.remember that364
38.show me love384
39.stay awhile405
40.strong island391
42.take the train442
43.the militia ii remix380
44.the punisher428
45.the saga begins391
46.the th letter always and forever400
47.up lift481
48.waiting for the world to end390
49.well never stop651
50.when i be on the mic393
51.when im flowin476
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