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project pat, project pat arklar, project pat ark szleri
1. days384
2. phone call skit637
4.aggravated robbery396
6.ballers original369
7.bitch smackin killa636
8.break da law371
9.bye bye434
10.cheese and dope391
14.county jail426
15.dis bitch, dat hoe380
16.dont save her605
17.easily executed384
19.fuck a bitch431
20.fuckin wit the best393
21.gel and weave394
22.ghetto type broad407
23.ghetty green392
24.gold shine424
25.gorilla pimp391
26.i choose you386
27.i dont need you551
28.if you aint from my hood531
29.life we live374
30.make dat ass clap422
31.mission impossible pt million outro392
32.niggas got me fucked up444
33.north memphis436
34.north north384
35.ooh nuthin615
36.out there360
37.red rum437
38.represent it367
39.ridin clean593
40.roll wit it369
41.run a train459
42.shake that ass499
43.ski mask415
44.slangin rocks680
45.smoke and get high369
46.smokin out439
47.so high456
48.sucks on dick410
49.take da charge381
50.up there415
51.we aint scared ho618
52.we can get gangsta390
53.were gonna rumble581
54.whatever ho414
55.whole lotta weed384
56.you know the biss422
57.yall niggaz aint no killaz, yall niggaz some hoes402
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