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primus, primus arklar, primus ark szleri
1.american life438
2.amos moses462
4.ballad of bodaciou436
5.behind my camel554
7.bobs party time lounge485
8.bobs party time lounge [live]531
9.camelback cinema1458
10.captain shiner490
11.coattails of a dead man381
13.de anza jig469
14.del davis tree farm467
15.dirty drowning man428
17.duchess and the proverbial mind spread396
18.electric electric392
19.electric uncle sam415
21.fish on fishermans chronicles, chapter ii452
23.frizzle fry393
24.glass sandwich608
25.golden boy474
26.grandads little ditty828
27.greet the scared crow465
28.groundhogs day450
29.hail santa664
30.hamburger train518
31.harold of the rocks426
32.hats off451
33.hellbound / theme from492
34.here come the bastards448
35.is it luck448
37.jerry was a race car driver432
38.john the fisherman397
40.lacquer head434
41.los bastardos502
42.mama didnt raise no fool502
43.mephisto and kevin528
44.mr knowitall426
45.mr krinkle664
46.mrs blaileen458
47.my name is mud449
48.natural joe391
49.nature boy400
50.on the tweek again702
51.over the electric grapevine374
52.over the falls384
53.poetry and prose394
54.pork chops little ditty767
55.pork soda406
56.power mad428
57.professor nutbutters house of treats456
58.pudding time490
59.puddin taine672
60.restin bones518
61.sathington waltz497
62.sathington willoughby485
63.scissor man440
64.seas of cheese664
65.sgt baker485
66.shake hands with beef390
67.silly putty505
68.south park theme new version510
69.southbound pachyderm458
70.space farm481
71.spaghetti western440
72.the air is getting slippery401
73.the antipop422
74.the ballad of buckethead449
75.the chastizing of renegade424
76.the family and the fishing net399
77.the final voyage of the liquid sky400
78.the hecker394
79.the ol diamond back sturgeon fishermans chronicles part427
80.the pressman355
81.the return of sathington willoughby407
82.the thing that sould not be422
83.the toys go winding down344
84.those damned blue-collar tweekers442
85.to defy the laws of tradition366
86.tommy the cat366
87.tommy the cat [live]375
88.too many puppies422
89.welcome to this world407
90.wounded knee502
91.wynonas big brown beaver694
92.year of the parrot564
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