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blue sky ark sz

(pal waaktaar)
i find it hard to breathe
as life just eats away
at the faces that surround me
they look tired today
the lady at my table
doesnt want me here
i just want to talk to her
but would she laugh at my accent
and make fun of me
it doesnt seem like this
blue skys here for me
there are no girls in here
as far as i can see
only pin-up posters
looking down at me
watching papercups of coffee
growing cold before my eyes
all the things i see
that make me realize
im in this big world without you
nothing to my name
i never knew that
blue sky meant such pain
im dying to be different
in the coffee shop
ive lived on borrowed strength
now my supplies are cut
though im older than my looks
and older than my years
im too young to take on
my deepest fears
oh, i used to be confused
but now i just dont know
since you left ive been watching
blue skies come and go


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