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poison, poison arklar, poison ark szleri
2. bad boy765
3. days over you398
4.aint that the truth684
5.angst mary391
6.baby gets around376
7.back to the rocking horse340
8.bad to be good383
9.ball and chain390
10.bastard son of a thousand blues318
11.blame it on you337
12.blind faith350
13.body talk343
14.bring it home367
15.come hell or high water331
16.cover of the rolling stone355
17.cry tough379
18.doin as i see on my tv506
19.dont give up an inch670
20.drum solo666
21.every rose has its thorn363
22.fallen angel399
23.flesh & blood sacrifice351
24.good love386
25.guitar solo2130
26.human zoo443
27.i hate every bone in your body but mine377
28.i want action370
29.i want more374
30.i wont forget you454
32.id die for you476
33.lay your body down374
34.let it play376
35.let me be the one371
36.let me go to the show546
37.letter from death row355
38.life goes on426
39.life loves a tragedy362
40.little willy484
41.look but you cant touch613
42.look what the cat dragged in333
43.love on the rocks374
44.mr smiley439
45.native tongue680
46.no more lookin back poison jazz402
47.no ring, no gets352
48.nothin but a good time542
49.only time will tell340
50.party rock band400
51.play dirty400
52.poor boy blues398
53.power to the people411
54.richies acoustic thang809
55.ride child ride346
56.ride the wind353
57.say it405
58.sexual thing386
59.shut up and make love340
60.so tell me why350
61.something to believe in358
62.souls on fire417
63.sounds of sex448
65.stay alive396
66.stay with me388
67.steel bar blues566
69.strange days of uncle jack539
70.strike up the band477
71.swampjuice soul-o455
72.talk dirty to me452
73.tearin down the walls460
74.thats the way i like it556
75.the best thing you ever had368
76.the devil inside360
77.the last breath351
78.the last song403
79.the scream368
80.theatre of the soul357
81.times like these359
82.tragically unhip380
83.unskinny bop457
84.until you suffer some fire and ice344
85.valley of lost souls341
86.want some need some376
87.ww sex1194
88.your mama dont dance437
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