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status clinger ark sz

everbodys out for the money running around talk about yourself all the time getting you down think about your needs out of mind gotta get ahead turn my back leave me behind point blank, take a leak pressure playing a dew gettin to heavy for me everywhere we meet get who do you know, where do you go? i cant take it looking for you, nothing to see i cant take it anymore have you seen her, have you seen her, have you seen her, i dont know better get it over with better look out i gotta go escalator, elevator, put your on the line gotta get ahead, turn my back, just a matter of time straight up, take a leak the gets out, hes out on the street pressure, too heavy for me everyone i meet seems to agree hangin around, botherin me transparent users, lookin for you, nothing to see manipulating losers, what do you have? whats in it for me? i cant take it, i cant take it anymore


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