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phil ochs, phil ochs arklar, phil ochs ark szleri
1.a toast to those who are gone317
2.all my heroes are dead309
3.ama song409
4.another age345
5.another country333
6.as i walk alone741
7.automation song396
8.bach, beethoven, mozart & me368
9.ballad of medgar evers384
10.ballad of oxford jimmy meredith348
11.ballad of the cuban invasion392
12.ballad of william worthy367
13.basket in the pool401
14.basket in the pool602
15.boy in ohio365
17.bullets of mexico364
21.chaplain of the war318
22.chords of fame356
23.christine keeler433
24.city boy537
25.colored town471
26.cops of the world384
27.cross my heart358
29.davey moore376
30.days of decision352
31.do what i have to do361
32.doesnt lenny live here anymore473
33.draft dodger rag363
35.fallen star379
36.fifty mile hike340
38.first snow393
39.flower lady366
40.freedom riders348
41.gas station women349
42.going down to mississipi354
43.green hills413
44.half a century high362
46.hazard, kentucky357
47.heres to the state of mississippi448
48.heres to the state of richard nixon510
49.how highs the watergate604
50.how long396
51.hunger and cold354
52.i aint marching anymore473
53.i dreamed i saw phil ochs last night354
54.i kill therefore i am432
55.i like hitler655
56.if i knew380
57.in the heat of the summer354
58.is there anybody here418
59.its been a long, long story493
60.ill be there444
61.im going to say it now489
62.im tired516
63.ive had her488
64.jim dean of indiana438
65.joe hill371
66.just one of those days312
67.kansas city bomber330
68.keep the change372
69.knock on the door385
71.links on the chain369
72.lou marsh333
73.love is a rainbow362
74.love me, im a liberal453
75.maintaining law and order376
76.men behind the guns277
78.monroe town361
80.my kingdom for a car353
81.my life387
82.never again390
83.new town420
84.niko mchumba ngombe648
85.no christmas in kentucky334
86.no more songs385
87.on her hand a golden ring322
88.on my way327
89.one more parade309
90.one way ticket home472
91.outside of a small circle of friends324
92.paul crump360
94.phil ochs403
95.phil ochs, bob dylan, steve goodman, david blue and me358
96.pleasures of the harbor326
97.pretty smart on my part370
98.rehearsals for retirement392
99.remember me388
100.ringing of revolution335
101.rivers of the blood345
102.sailors and soldiers440
103.sing along with me300
104.song of my returning324
106.spanish civil war song389
107.take it out of my youth367
108.talking birmingham jam345
109.talking cuban crisis306
110.talking plane disaster384
111.talking vietnam339
112.talkin pay tv601
113.tape from california371
114.ten cents a coup406
115.that was the president329
116.thats the way its gonna be475
117.thats what i want to hear469
118.the ballad of alferd packer408
119.the ballad of billie sol312
120.the ballad of john henry faulk331
121.the ballad of john train362
122.the ballad of sonny liston592
123.the ballad of the carpenter295
124.the ballad of us steel369
125.the bells339
126.the cannons of christianity384
127.the confession350
128.the day580
129.the doll house386
130.the floods of florence364
131.the harder they fall348
132.the highwayman366
133.the hills of west virginia359
134.the iron lady436
135.the marines have landed on the shores of santo domingo297
136.the parades still passing by596
137.the party363
138.the passing of my life369
139.the power and the glory387
140.the sad and silent song of a soldier421
141.the scorpion departs but never returns362
142.the shoals of herring382
143.the thresher334
144.the trial369
145.the war is over395
146.the world began in eden and ended in los angeles334
147.there but for fortune359
148.thirsty boots315
149.this old world is changing hands332
150.time was353
151.too many martyrs386
152.united fruit366
153.viet nam387
154.we seek no wider war330
155.what are you fighting for338
156.whats that i hear518
157.when first unto this country353
158.when in rome314
159.when im gone454
160.where theres a will theres a way486
161.where were you in chicago526
162.white boots marching in a yellow land346
163.william butler yeats visits lincoln park and escapes unscathed359
164.william moore362
165.you cant get stoned enough412
166.you should have been down in mississppi351
167.your eyes will taste of the flowers350
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