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polical stu ark sz

can you grasp the situation? or is it getting out of hand riots, killing in the streets over the color of a man everybody looks the same with their head stuck in the hand everyone looks the same til you see where they stand reactionary politics are the order of the day it makes me really sick to see the poor treated this way caviar and limousines high finance and jelly beans decorate the east wing california modern, itd great to be the king did you see the demonstrations in another land over weapons annihilation care of uncle sam the stock market does not reveal the arms that they have sold half the world cant get a meal the war is getting cold a bushel or a barrel neither can be saved you feed your beef with wasted wheat to dominate your crave can you hear the foreign voices can you understand? every great civilisation crumbles in the sand organizations and their plans im anti swa, anti klan p.l.o., j.d.l., they can all burn in hell


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