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love kills ark sz

sometimes i ask myself why even father goes in one ear, right out the other out on a limb, out on the edge, no matter what they say the pleasure of pain, day after day, dat after day love kills, hurts me to see you this way love kills, kills me to treat you this way each day we rise with the sun in our room needles and pills lead us right to our doom, right to our doom looking like the general never came just wont go up, till the end of destruction, end of destruction scars are growing on your face it used to be pretty but its just getting ugly because yer getting caught up in a losing race. your drowning in a sea of drugs they pull out the carpet, look at everything youve taken what have you done? the distance grows, your fading away disturbs him, the weightll control you take a vow, love me forever never say youre sorry cuz i did it my way, i did it my way


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