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peter cetera, peter cetera arklar, peter cetera ark szleri
1.after all454
2.and i think of you512
3.apple of your daddys eye513
4.baby what a big surprise458
5.best of times447
6.big mistake434
7.body language there in the dark439
8.daddys girl585
9.dip your wings398
10.do you love me that much450
11.even a fool can see386
12.evil eye490
14.feels like heaven462
15.glory of love512
16.happy man425
17.have you ever been in love464
18.heaven help this lonely man413
19.holding out399
20.holy moly509
21.how many times800
22.i can feel it421
23.i wanna take forever tonight433
24.i wasnt the one who said goodbye576
25.if you leave me now529
26.ivy covered walls407
27.livin in the limelight603
28.man in me450
29.mona mona832
30.next time i fall452
31.no explanation454
32.not afraid to cry450
33.on the line415
34.one clear voice593
35.one good woman408
36.one more story439
37.only love knows why438
38.peace of mind436
39.practical man443
40.queen of the masquerade ball477
41.restless heart428
42.save me507
44.she doesnt need me anymore456
47.still getting over you482
48.the end of camelot474
49.the last place god made487
50.the lucky ones458
51.the next time i fall356
52.they dont make em like they used to421
53.wake up to love474
54.wanna be there588
55.when theres no tomorrow617
56.wild ways417
57.world falling down423
58.you never listen to me496
59.youre the inspiration668
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