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pete shelley, pete shelley arklar, pete shelley ark szleri
1.blue eyes461
2.guess i must have been in love with myself415
4.i dont know what it is722
5.i generate a feeling451
6.i just wanna touch452
7.i surrender434
8.if you ask me i wont say no591
9.in love with somebody else594
10.its hard enough knowing604
11.just one of those affairs401
12.keats song754
13.life without reason449
14.love in vain387
15.many a time404
17.millions of people no one like you405
18.my dreams393
19.need a minit431
20.never again386
21.no moon604
22.on your own397
23.pusher man527
24.quest-ce que cest que ca713
25.telephone operator647
26.theyre coming for you626
28.waiting for love423
29.what was heaven414
30.witness the change402
32.yesterdays not here454
33.you and i406
34.you cant take that away686
35.you know better than i know412
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