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pet shop boys, pet shop boys arklar, pet shop boys ark szleri
1.a different point of view396
2.a man could get arrested370
3.a new life425
4.absolutely fabulous937
5.absolutely fabulous rollo our tribe tongue-in-cheek mix421
7.always on my mind415
8.always on my mind/in my house445
10.being boring377
11.bet shes not your girlfriend400
12.between two islands399
13.birthday boy391
14.black tie white noise401
15.boy strange389
16.can you forgive her435
17.can you forgive her rollo dub612
18.closer to heaven432
21.dj culture419
22.do i have to422
23.domino dancing403
24.don juan495
25.dreaming of the queen368
30.for your own good433
31.forever in love569
32.go west398
33.go west farley & heller mix771
34.happiness is an option368
37.hey, headmaster442
38.hit music422
39.home and dry507
40.how can you expect to be taken seriously415
41.i dont know what you want but i cant give it any more408
42.i get along448
43.i get excited you get excited too413
44.i want a dog405
45.i want a lover335
46.i want to wake up427
47.i wouldnt normally do this kind of thing435
48.i wouldnt normally do this kind of thing beatmasters extended nude mix386
49.i wouldnt normally do this kind of thing dj pierre wild pitch mix466
50.if love were all417
51.in denial413
52.in the night416
53.it always comes as a surprise382
54.it couldnt happen here475
55.it must be obvious349
56.its a sin466
57.its alright549
58.im not scared424
59.jack the lad454
61.kings cross425
62.later tonight392
63.left to my own devices469
65.liberation e smoove " mix428
67.losing my mind384
68.love comes quickly476
69.love is a catastrophe371
72.music for boys867
73.my head is spinning742
74.my october symphony376
76.new york city boy711
77.one and one make five354
78.one in a million419
79.one more chance378
80.one of the crowd364
81.one thing leads to another324
82.only the wind397
84.opportunities lets make lots of money428
88.red letter day384
90.saturday night forever345
91.se a vida 520
92.searching for the face of jesus504
93.send me an angel395
94.sexa northerner379
98.so hard429
99.so hard david morales red zone mix709
100.some speculation399
102.thats my impression536
103.the end of the world376
104.the man who has everything373
105.the night i fell in love397
106.the only one388
107.the samurai in autumn643
108.the sound of the atom splitting " mix364
109.the survivors404
110.the theatre413
111.this must be the place i waited years to leave379
112.to face the truth341
113.to speak is a sin389
114.to step aside386
115.tonight is forever420
116.too many people406
117.two divided by zero383
118.up against it365
121.violence hacienda version370
122.was it worth it422
123.was that what it was415
124.we all feel better in the dark393
125.we all feel better in the dark brothers in rhythm ambient mix478
126.we came from outer space333
127.west end girls359
128.what have i done to deserve this373
129.what keeps mankind alive354
130.where the streets have no name/cant take my eyes off you356
131.why dont we live together765
132.yesterday, when i was mad371
133.yesterday, when i was mad coconut " mix480
134.yesterday, when i was mad jam & spoon mix258
135.yesterday, when i was mad junior vasquez fabulous dub420
136.you choose397
137.you know where you went wrong395
138.you only tell me you love me when youre drunk419
139.young offender391
140.your funny uncle332
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