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paula abdul, paula abdul arklar, paula abdul ark szleri
1.aint never gonna give you up641
2.alright tonight548
3.bend time back around478
4.blowing kisses in the wind497
5.cold hearted516
6.crazy cool529
7.crazy love498
8.cry for me460
9.didnt i say i love you639
10.forever your girl424
11.get your groove on489
12.goodnight, my love pleasant dreams498
13.highschool crush573
15.i need you439
16.i never knew it466
17.if i were your girl456
18.its all about feeling good601
19.its just the way that you love me542
20.knocked out449
21.love dont come easy595
22.missing you457
23.my foolish heart521
24.my love is for real460
25.next to you515
26.one or the other442
27.opposites attract429
28.rock house522
29.rush rush538
30.sexy thoughts578
32.state of attraction452
33.straight up424
34.the choice is yours471
35.the promise of a new day461
36.the way that you love me houseafire edit418
37.to you498
39.under the influence456
41.will you marry me494
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