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paul westerberg, paul westerberg arklar, paul westerberg ark szleri
1.a few minutes of silence515
2.a star is bored475
3.actor in the street451
4.aint done much609
5.aint got me669
6.angels walk761
7.best thing that never happened474
8.black-eyed susan641
10.born for me461
12.dice behind your shades439
13.down love566
14.dyslexic heart473
15.even here559
16.final hurrah622
17.first glimmer463
18.fugitive kind419
19.good day489
20.hide n seeking515
22.hot un518
23.its a wonderful lie527
24.knocking on mine532
25.lookin out forever709
26.love untold520
27.lush and green532
28.make your own kind music463
29.mama daddy did723
30.mannequin shop419
31.men without ties aka men without ties442
32.once around the weekend626
34.runaway wind471
35.seein her558
37.silver naked ladies752
38.someone i once knew458
39.something is me448
40.sunrise always listens512
41.tears rolling up our sleeves514
42.these are the days433
44.time flies tomorrow442
45.trumpet clip428
46.waiting for somebody453
47.whatever makes you happy511
48.world class fad438
49.youve had it with you641
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