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paul simon, paul simon arklar, paul simon ark szleri
1. ways to leave your lover671
2.ace in the hole461
3.adios hermanos454
4.all around the world or the myth of fingerprints409
7.american tune422
8.armistice day494
9.born at the right time433
10.born in puerto rico526
11.bridge over troubled water605
12.can i forgive him469
13.cant run but535
14.cars are cars461
16.crazy love, vol384
17.darling lorraine401
18.diamonds on the soles of her shoes544
20.el condor pasa if i could967
21.everything put together falls apart502
22.further to fly372
23.god bless the absentee436
24.gone at last418
27.have a good time529
28.hearts and bones456
30.homeward bound527
31.how the heart approaches what it yearns433
32.hurricane eye460
33.i do it for your love426
34.i know what i know425
35.its been along day, long day783
37.killer wants to go to college453
39.late in the evening379
40.learn how to fall509
41.look at that367
43.loves me like a rock526
44.me and julio down by the schoolyard459
45.mother and child reunion488
46.my little town448
47.night games470
48.nobody but you436
50.one man&;s ceiling is another man&;s floor333
51.one trick pony441
52.papa hobo783
53.paranoia blues344
54.peace like a river462
55.pigs, sheep and wolves395
59.rene and georgette margritte with their dog after the war472
60.run that body down379
61.satin summer nights426
62.senorita with a necklace of tears474
63.she moves on408
64.silent eyes650
65.some folks lives roll easy476
66.something so right365
67.sounds of silence415
68.spirit voices415
69.st judys comet528
70.still crazy after all these years453
71.sunday afternoon402
72.take me to the mardi gras421
74.that was your mother350
75.that&;s where i belong390
76.thats why god made the movies503
77.the boxer479
78.the boy in the rubble374
79.the coast389
80.the cool, cool river420
81.the late great johnny ace423
82.the obvious child370
83.the rythm of the saints411
84.the sound of the silence464
85.the teacher626
86.the vampires426
87.think too muchb978
88.time is an ocean399
89.trailways bus368
90.train in the distance381
91.under african skies382
93.was a sunny day515
94.when numbers get serious395
95.you can call me al900
96.you can call me al1242
97.youre kind493
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