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paul mccartney, paul mccartney arklar, paul mccartney ark szleri
1. legs427
2.a certain softness438
3.about you478
4.after the ball/million miles413
5.again and again and again406
6.aint no sunshine787
7.aint that a shame438
8.all shook up396
9.and i love her754
10.and remember to be cosmically conscious476
12.another day403
14.arrow through me381
15.at the mercy385
16.average person365
17.babys request429
18.back in the sunshine again378
19.back on my feet400
20.back seat of my car452
21.backwards traveller488
22.ballroom dancing423
23.band on the run450
24.be what you see493
26.beautiful night595
27.beware my love392
28.big barn bed457
29.biker like an icon415
30.bip bop832
32.blue moon of kentucy360
34.bridge over river suite484
35.bring it on home to me384
36.c moon456
37.cafe on the left bank347
38.calico skies420
39.call me back again419
40.children children381
41.coming up415
42.cook of the house402
43.country dreamer430
44.crackin up536
45.cmon people469
46.daytime nightime suffering402
47.dear boy415
48.dear friend644
49.deliver your children361
51.dont be careless love368
52.dont get around much anymore402
53.dont let it bring you down411
54.dont let the sun catch you crying410
55.dress me up as a robber407
56.driving rain440
57.eat at home653
58.ebony and ivory393
59.english tea441
60.every night386
61.famous groupies386
62.figure of eight373
63.fine line379
64.flaming pie388
65.flying to my home385
66.follow me430
68.friends to go332
69.from a lover to a friend325
70.get it390
71.get on the right thing331
72.get out of my way by paul mccartney359
73.getting closer357
75.girls school370
76.give ireland back to the irish426
77.golden earth girl427
78.good rockin tonight383
79.good times coming / feel the sun380
80.goodnight tonight502
81.great day351
82.hands of love402
83.heart of the country365
85.heaven on a sunday363
86.helen wheels410
87.here today362
88.hi, hi, hi,518
89.hold me tight568
90.hope of deliverance478
91.hot as sun/glasses434
92.how kind of you365
93.how many people450
94.however absurd430
95.i am your singer490
96.i do491
97.i got stung393
98.i lie around365
99.i lost my little girl408
100.i owe it all to you332
101.if you wanna449
102.its not true421
103.im carrying491
104.ive had enough486
105.jenny wren489
107.juniors farm466
109.keep under cover376
111.lazy dynamite440
112.let me roll it378
113.let em in551
114.letting go411
115.listen to what the man said379
116.little lamb dragonfly397
117.little willow417
118.little woman love485
119.live and let die450
120.london town382
121.lonely road346
122.lonesome town377
123.long haired lady420
124.looking for changes345
125.loup st indian on the moon433
126.love in song349
127.love is strange464
130.magneto and titanium man443
131.mamas little girl493
133.man we was lonely376
134.mary had a little lamb441
135.maybe im amazed391
136.medicine jar408
137.mistress and maid450
138.momma miss america459
139.monkberry moon delight432
140.morse moose and the grey goose423
141.motor of love love374
144.move over busker303
147.mrs vandebilt396
148.mull of kintyre352
149.must do something about it399
150.my brave face350
151.my carnival482
152.my love440
153.name and address372
154.nineteen hundred and eighty five373
155.no more lonely nights398
156.no values390
157.no words414
158.not such a bad boy366
159.off the ground356
160.oh woman, oh why410
161.old siam sir418
162.once upon along ago375
163.one more kiss354
164.only love remains365
165.oo you894
166.ou est le soleil473
167.peace in the neighborhood386
168.picassos last words389
169.pipes of peace391
170.power cut450
172.pretty little head334
173.promise to you girl380
174.put it there355
175.ram on529
176.really love you :46
177.richard cory347
178.riding into jaipur539
179.riding to vanity fair370
180.rinse the raindrops499
181.rock show303
182.rockestra theme438
183.rough ride392
184.rudolph the red-nose reggae514
185.run devil run by paul mccartney377
187.sally g456
188.san ferry anne432
189.say say say402
190.she is so beautiful407
191.shes a woman459
192.shes given up talking482
193.shes my baby437
194.silly love songs1019
195.simple as that401
196.singalong junk483
197.single pigeon480
198.smile away419
199.so bad377
200.so glad to see you here409
206.spies like us393
207.spin it on393
208.spinning on an axis377
209.spirits of ancient egypt327
211.sweetest little show363
212.take it away358
213.talk more talk472
214.teddy boy386
215.that day is done405
216.that would be something711
217.the broadcast390
218.the loveliest thing365
219.the lovely linda531
220.the lovers that never were420
221.the man by410
222.the mess388
223.the note you never wrote395
224.the other me456
225.the pound is sinking381
226.the songs we were singing397
227.the world tonight332
228.this never happened before481
229.this one427
230.through our love366
231.time to hide414
232.tiny bubble344
233.to you450
236.too many people363
237.too much rain365
238.tough on a tightrope344
239.treat her350
240.try not to cry503
241.tug of peace487
242.tug of war451
243.twenty flight rock370
244.twice in a lifetime353
245.uncle albert/admiral halsey392
246.used to be bad390
247.valentine day562
248.vanilla sky412
249.venus a470
250.venus and mars430
252.warm and beautiful390
253.we all stand together409
254.we can work it out398
255.we got married409
256.were open tonight684
257.whats that youre doing384
258.when the night351
259.wild life339
260.winedark open sea359
261.wino junko417
262.winter rose/love awake549
263.with a little luck388
264.wonderful christmastime331
265.write away409
266.you gave me the answer309
267.you want her too374
268.young boy411
269.your loving flame337
270.your way666
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