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patty loveless, patty loveless arklar, patty loveless ark szleri
1.a handful of dust429
2.a little bit in love420
3.a little on the lonley side443
4.a thousand times a day414
5.after all461
6.all i need is not to need you437
7.babys gone blues689
8.blame it on your heart455
9.blue is not a word521
10.blue memories407
11.blue side of town441
12.cant get enough509
14.cheap whiskey373
15.daniel prayed388
16.dont toss us away607
17.everybodys equal in the eyes of love562
18.feelings of love461
19.feelin good about feelin bad635
20.fly away435
21.go on461
22.god will610
23.half over you439
24.halfway down473
25.here i am391
26.high on love541
27.how about you381
28.how can i help you to say goodbye467
29.hurt me bad in a real good way447
30.i already miss you like youre already gone458
31.i came straight to you436
32.i cant get you off my mind497
33.i cant stop myself from loving you686
34.i did731
35.i dont want to feel like that667
36.i just wanna be loved by you612
37.i know youre married661
38.i miss who i was with you581
39.i try to think about elvis411
40.i wont gamble with your love641
41.if its the last thing i do508
42.if my heart had windows423
43.if you dont want me446
44.if you think423
45.ill never grow tired of you443
46.im on your side672
47.im that kind of girl463
48.ive got to stop loving you and start living again529
49.jealous bone457
50.like water into wine383
51.lonely too long434
52.long stretch of lonesome387
53.lonley days, lonley nights358
54.lonley side of love381
55.looking in the eyes of love347
56.love builds the bridges pride builds the walls381
57.mr man in the moon458
58.my heart will never break this way again364
59.my kind of woman/my kind of man patty loveless & vince gill358
60.nobody loves you like i do520
61.nothing but the wheel377
62.old weakness coming on strong376
63.on down the line404
64.once in a lifetime450
65.out of control raging fire417
66.over my shoulder422
68.pieces of the ground387
69.pretty little miss498
70.she drew a broken heart398
71.she never stopped loving him404
73.slow healin heart598
74.so good to be in love376
75.some blue moons ago396
76.someday i will lead the parade404
77.soul of constant sorrow367
78.sounds of loneliness442
79.strong heart417
80.tear stained letter390
81.thats exactly what i mean577
82.thats the kind of mood im in479
83.the boys are back in town449
84.the key of love422
85.the last thing on my mind409
86.the nights too long523
87.the party aint over yet511
88.the rainbow down the road414
89.the richest fool alive395
90.the trouble with the truth463
91.thirsty patty loveless/travis tritt427
92.timber im falling in love737
93.to feel that way at all411
94.to have you back again381
95.too many memories388
96.two coats397
97.waitin for the phone to ring457
98.whats a broken heart467
99.when the fallen angels fly419
100.where im bound546
101.wicked ways347
102.workin mans hands520
103.you are everything436
104.you can feel bad435
105.you cant run away from your heart719
106.you dont even know who i am587
107.you dont get no more478
108.you dont know how lucky you are656
109.you dont seem to miss me519
110.you saved me446
111.you will471
112.youll never leave harlan alive652
113.youre so cool542
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