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patsy cline, patsy cline arklar, patsy cline ark szleri
1.a church, a courtroom and then goodbye427
2.a poor mans roses457
3.a stranger in my arms452
4.aint no wheels on this ship463
7.back in babys arms734
8.bill bailey wont you please come home472
9.blue moon of kentucky436
10.come on in and make yourself at home437
12.crazy arms371
13.crazy dreams451
14.cry not for me433
15.dear god523
16.does your heart beat for me427
17.dont ever leave me again489
18.faded love419
20.foolin round434
21.for rent511
22.gotta lot of rhythm in my soul439
23.half as much415
24.have you ever been lonely have you ever been blue518
25.he called me baby481
26.he will do for you406
28.hidin out473
29.honky tonk merry go round441
30.how can i face tomorow629
31.hungry for love504
32.i can see an angel460
33.i cant forget431
34.i cant help it if im still in love with you398
35.i cried all the way to the altar427
36.i dont wanta627
37.i fall to pieces410
38.i love you so much it hurts488
39.i love you, honey467
40.if i could only stay asleep487
41.if i could see the world through the eyes of a child454
42.imagine that482
43.in care of the blues443
44.it wasnt god who made honky tonk angels412
45.ill sail my ship alone431
46.im blue again512
47.im moving along441
48.im walking the dog425
49.ive loved and lost again432
50.just a closer walk with thee440
51.just out of reach367
52.leavin on your mind480
53.let the teardrops fall418
54.lifes railway to heaven463
55.loose talk350
56.love letters in the sand439
57.love, love, love me honey do432
58.lovesick blues403
59.never no more427
60.pick me up on your way down365
61.san antonio rose401
62.seven lonely days454
63.shes got you476
65.side by side527
66.so wrong618
68.south of the border528
69.stop the world and let me off369
70.stop, look and listen466
72.stupid cupid420
73.sweet dreams of you416
74.tennessee waltz497
75.that wonderful someone438
76.thats how a heartache begins410
77.thats my desire435
78.the heart you break may be your own386
79.the wayward wind350
80.then youll know675
81.there he goes449
82.three cigarettes in an ashtray530
83.today, tomorrow, and forever433
84.too many secrets397
85.tra le la le la triangle403
86.true love543
87.try again447
88.turn the cards slowly419
89.walkin after midnight748
90.walkin dream741
91.when i get thru with you393
92.when you need a laugh445
93.when your house is not a home387
94.who can i count on392
95.why cant he be you492
96.yes, i know why578
97.yes, i understand440
98.you belong to me451
99.you made me love you428
100.you took him off my hands409
101.you were only fooling415
102.your cheatin heart717
103.your kinda love391
104.youre stronger than me702
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