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pat benatar, pat benatar arklar, pat benatar ark szleri
1. rooms of gloom444
2.a crazy world like this484
3.all fired up464
5.at this time491
6.big life512
7.bloodshot eyes498
8.cerebral man472
9.cool zero440
11.diamond field498
12.dirty little secrets503
14.dont happen no more502
15.dont let it show526
16.dont walk away556
18.every time i fall back472
19.everybody lay down473
20.evil genius451
21.fight it out405
22.fire and ice551
23.get nervous558
24.ginas song806
25.guitar intro733
26.hard to believe705
28.hell is for children465
29.helter skelter514
30.heres my heart537
31.hit me with your best shot445
32.i dont want to be your friend551
33.i feel lucky609
34.i get evil496
35.i need a lover489
36.i want out462
37.if you think you know how to love me930
38.in the heat of the night378
39.in these times460
42.its a tuff life777
43.ill do it455
44.im gonna follow you678
45.ive got papers on you471
46.jimmy says532
47.just like me746
48.kingdom key469
49.le bel age513
50.lets stay together490
51.lift em on up528
52.lipstick lies460
53.little paradise495
54.little too late409
55.looking for a stranger394
56.love in the ice age510
57.love is a battlefield420
58.my clone sleeps alone479
59.never wanna leave you486
60.no you dont540
61.one love420
62.only you442
63.ooh ooh song477
65.outlaw blues397
66.painted desert407
67.papas roses595
68.payin the cost to be the boss494
69.pictures of a gone world473
70.please come home for christmas452
71.precious time427
72.prisioner of love423
73.promises in the dark434
75.rated x461
76.red vision529
77.rise part433
78.river of love344
79.run between the raindrops437
81.sex as a weapon561
82.shadows of the night434
83.shooting star391
84.silent partner453
85.so long484
86.so sincere572
87.somebodys baby469
88.sometimes the good guys finish first424
89.strawberry wine life is sweet430
90.suburban king465
91.suffer the little children384
92.take it any way you want it474
93.takin it back557
94.tell it to her438
95.tell me why828
96.temporary heroes448
98.the art of letting go420
99.the effect you have on me406
100.the good life429
101.the outlaw blues373
102.the victim452
103.ties that bind453
104.too long a soldier368
105.tradin down438
106.treat me right491
107.true love479
108.true love621
109.we belong576
110.we live for love439
111.wide awake in dreamland379
112.wuthering heights395
113.you & i469
114.you better run429
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