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olivia newton-john, olivia newton-john arklar, olivia newton-john ark szleri
1.a little more love417
2.a thousand conversations421
3.all over the world481
4.all the pretty little horses781
5.alone at a drive-in movie385
7.and in the morning418
8.angel eyes372
9.angel of the morning395
11.ave maria890
12.away in manger452
13.back with a heart405
14.banks of the ohio441
15.beauty school dropout429
16.behind that locked door372
17.being of the losing end365
18.big and strong398
19.blue eyes cryin in the rain502
20.blue moon476
21.boats against the current454
22.born to hand jive471
23.borrowed time373
24.brahms lullaby982
25.brotherly love490
26.cant we talk it over in bed487
27.car games421
28.carried away402
29.change of heart430
31.choosing when its too late441
32.christmas never felt like this444
33.clearly love562
34.closer to me449
35.come on over402
36.compassionate man455
37.coolin down517
38.country girl414
39.crying, laughing, loving, lying360
40.culture shock446
42.dancin round and round470
43.dare to dream441
44.deeper than a river410
45.deeper than the night416
46.do you feel410
47.dont ask a friend528
48.dont cry for me argentina512
49.dont cut me down443
50.dont move away479
51.dont say that580
52.dont stop believin423
53.dont throw it all away480
54.dream tomorrow381
55.driving music434
57.emotional tangle410
58.every face tells a story398
59.everything i own460
60.face to face379
62.falling with raybon bros475
63.feeling best417
64.fight for our love423
65.fine line385
67.fly away420
68.follow me421
69.fool country390
70.for ever498
71.freddy, my love405
72.free the people408
74.get out394
75.gimme some lovin494
76.god only knows605
77.going back454
78.goodbye again376
80.grease megamix403
81.greased lightnin522
83.had to be447
85.hands across the sea443
86.happiness valley454
87.have love--will travel489
88.have you never been mellow361
89.have yourself a merry little christmas377
90.he aint heavyhes my brother451
91.heart attack542
93.help me make it through the night393
94.hey mr dreammaker404
95.hes my rock421
96.home aint home anymore418
97.home for the holidays429
98.hopelessly devoted to you459
99.i cant help it501
100.i could never live without your love441
101.i do not love you isabella heathcliffs wedding song653
102.i dont wanna say goodnight521
103.i honestly love you403
104.i love you, i honestly love you362
105.i need love405
106.i never did sing you a love song381
107.i think ill say goodbye481
108.i want to be wanted407
109.i will touch you589
111.if i gotta leave414
112.if love is real442
113.if not for you387
114.if we only have love347
115.if we try437
116.if you cant be hurt501
117.if you could read my mind350
118.if you love me let me know475
119.in a station390
120.itll be me490
121.its always australia for me429
122.its christmas time down under405
123.its not heaven427
124.its raining on prom night437
125.its so easy500
126.its so hard to say goodbye426
127.ill bet you a kangaroo442
128.im a small and lonely light448
129.im alive504
130.jenny rebecca405
132.just a little too much390
133.just a lot of folk the marshmallow song384
134.just the way you are379
137.let it shine412
138.let me be there406
139.lets move on509
140.lets talk about tomorrow449
142.living in harmony369
143.livin in desperate times564
144.long live love369
145.look at me, im sandra dee reprise515
146.love and let live383
147.love is a gift425
148.love is a many splendored thing414
149.love is alive397
150.love make me strong410
151.love song356
152.love you hold the key357
154.loving arms381
155.loving you aint easy406
157.lullaby lullaby my lovely one537
159.make a move on me373
160.making a good thing better377
161.marked with death375
162.mary skeffington446
163.maybe then ill think of you493
164.me and bobby mcgee379
166.moth to a flame392
167.music makes my day389
168.my old mans got a gun538
169.never enough409
170.never the less/as time goes by352
171.new home town396
172.new-born babe377
173.no matter what you do385
174.no other love413
175.no regrets404
176.not gonna be the one409
177.not gonna give into it441
178.o holy night353
179.over the rainbow705
180.overnight observation429
181.part of your world354
184.physicalwith rosie403
185.please dont keep me waiting533
186.please mr please389
187.pony ride513
188.precious love370
189.promise dolphin song359
190.queen of the publication415
191.reach out for me337
193.rest your love on me356
194.richards windowa window to the sky501
195.ring of fire397
196.rock & roll is here to stay338
197.rock & roll party queen335
198.rock a bye baby680
200.roll like the river383
202.sad songs401
203.sail into tomorrow393
206.shaking you417
207.silent ruin434
208.silver bells397
209.silvery rain410
210.sleep my princess mozarts cradle song770
211.slow dancing432
212.slow down jackson386
213.small talk and pride398
214.smile for me394
215.so easy to begin389
216.so strange480
218.something better to do384
219.soul kiss368
220.spinning his wheels379
221.strangers touch490
223.summer nights430
224.summertime blues422
225.suspended in time367
226.take a chance393
227.take me home, country roads376
228.taking our own sweet time338
229.talk to me356
230.the air that i breathe369
231.the best of me330
232.the biggest clown393
233.the day i met marie420
234.the first noel435
235.the flower that shattered the stone400
236.the key433
237.the last time you loved403
238.the long and winding road383
239.the right moment357
240.the rivers too wide501
241.the rumour457
242.the twelfth of never401
243.the way of love399
244.the way you look tonight347
245.there are worse things i could do494
246.those magic changes392
247.tied up in promises363
248.till you say youll be mine418
250.toomorrow ["instrumental"]401
251.totally hot416
252.toughen up418
253.trust yourself391
254.tutta la vita452
255.twinkle twinkle little star1573
256.twist of fate355
257.under my skin364
259.walk through fire382
260.walking on air ["instrumental"]413
261.walkin on air532
262.warm and tender374
263.water under the bridge412
264.we are home394
265.we go together451
266.what child is this366
267.what if628
268.what is life385
269.whats forever for516
270.when you wish upon a star450
271.whenever youre away from me502
272.where are you going to my love400
273.who are you now397
274.why dont you write me635
275.why me536
277.would you follow me491
278.wrap me in your arms401
280.you aint got the right462
281.you made me love you359
282.you were great, how was i371
283.you wont see me cry557
284.youll never walk alone792
285.youre my baby now524
286.youre my baby now385
287.youre my baby now464
288.youre my baby now537
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