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average white band, average white band arklar, average white band ark szleri
1.a love of your own357
2.ace of hearts403
3.atlantic avenue392
4.back to basics614
5.big city lights386
6.catch me before i have to testify410
8.cut the cake594
9.daddys all gone539
10.do ya really393
11.every beat of my heart376
12.feel no fret412
13.fire burning389
14.for you, for love366
15.got the love410
16.help is on the way387
17.i heard it through the grapevine561
18.i wanna be loved394
19.if i ever lose this heaven394
20.if love only lasts for one night341
21.into the night578
22.lets go round again625
23.living on borrowed time380
24.love is the botom line373
25.no easy way to say goodbye395
26.one look over my shoulder362
27.our time has come334
28.person to person447
29.please dont fall in love543
30.put it where you want it404
31.queen of my soul335
32.same feeling, different song351
33.school boy crush642
34.schoolboy crush480
35.shes a dream549
37.soul mine336
38.stop the rain416
39.the jugglers407
40.the price of the dream419
41.too late to cry482
42.walk on by504
43.warmer communications388
44.welcome to the real world382
45.whatcha gonna do for me372
46.when we get down to it366
47.when will you be mine373
48.window to your soul372
49.work to do395
50.you shoulda known634
51.your love is a miracle364
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