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oasis, oasis arklar, oasis ark szleri
1.all around the world761
2.be here now837
3.bring it on down524
4.cast no shadow521
5.champagne supernova551
6.cigarettes and alcohol502
8.digsys diner703
9.digsys dinner578
10.do you know what i mean527
11.dont go away644
12.dont look back in anger731
14.hey now490
15.i hope, i think, i know510
16.its gettin better man529
17.live forever708
18.magic pie460
19.married with children672
20.morning glory496
21.my big mouth448
22.rock n roll star723
23.rockn roll star589
24.roll with it417
25.sad song532
27.shes electric645
28.slide away496
29.some might say484
30.stand by me621
32.the girl in the dirty shirt447
33.up in the sky500
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