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norah jones, norah jones arklar, norah jones ark szleri
1.above ground455
2.be here to love me440
3.carnival town707
4.cold cold heart369
5.come away with me1661
6.creepin in526
7.dont know why1207
8.dont miss you at all522
9.feelin the same way747
10.humble me574
11.in the morning coffee songs522
12.ive got to see you again448
14.more than this404
16.no easy way down427
17.one flight down391
18.painter song590
20.ruler of my heart728
21.seven years738
22.shoot the moon451
23.something is calling you459
25.the grass is blue401
26.the long day is over621
27.the nearness of you601
28.the prettiest thing560
29.those sweet words578
31.turn me on467
32.what am i to you442
33.what would i do764
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