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nina simone, nina simone arklar, nina simone ark szleri
1.after youve gone511
2.aint got no/i got life522
3.aint no use508
4.alone again naturally342
5.angel of the morning414
6.another spring372
7.assignment sequence370
8.backlash blues502
9.ballad of hollis brown368
10.balm in gilead532
12.baubles, bangles and beads418
13.be my husband386
14.beautiful land353
15.black is the color of my true loves hair1102
16.black swan459
18.blue prelude370
19.blue skies428
20.blues for mama506
21.brown baby468
23.bye bye blackbird845
24.cant get out of this mood472
26.children go where i send you333
27.chilly winds dont blow415
28.come ye1041
30.com by hyere816
32.cotton eyed joe602
34.day and night445
35.desperate ones353
36.do i move you390
37.do nothin till you hear from me395
38.do what you gotta do430
39.dont explain488
40.dont let me be misunderstood461
41.dont smoke in bed485
42.erets zavat chalav571
43.everyones gone to the moon501
44.everytime we say goodbye544
45.exactly like you389
46.falling in love again cant help it396
47.feeling good380
48.fine and mellow391
49.for all we know383
50.forbidden fruit382
51.four women431
52.funkier than a mosquitos tweeter488
53.gal from joes547
54.gimme a pigfoot and a bottle of beer338
55.gimme some415
56.gin house blues367
57.go limp397
58.go to hell357
59.he aint comin home no more501
60.he needs me501
61.he was too good to me412
62.here comes the sun442
63.hey, buddy bolden555
64.hes got the whole world in his hand895
65.house of the rising sun938
66.human touch, the366
67.hush, little baby962
68.i am blessed406
69.i cant see nobody533
70.i get along without you wery well except sometimes385
71.i got it bad and that aint good362
72.i hold no grudge491
73.i like the sunrise451
74.i love to love421
75.i loves you porgy526
76.i put a spell on you483
77.i shall be released372
78.i sing just to know that im alive535
79.i think its going to rain today439
80.i want a little sugar in my bowl421
81.i wish i knew how it would feel to be free390
82.if he changed my name356
83.if i should lose you441
84.if you knew412
85.il ny a pas damour hereaux431
87.in the dark399
88.in the evening by the moonlight431
89.in the morning354
90.isnt it a pity449
91.it bes that way sometime425
92.it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing403
93.it might as well be spring342
94.ill look around423
95.im going back home416
96.im gonna leave you423
97.just in time437
98.just like a woman382
99.just like tom thumbs blues443
100.just say i love him761
101.keeper of the flame433
102.lass of the low country369
103.last rose of summer385
104.laziest gal in town437
105.let it be me377
106.lilac wine375
107.little girl blue446
108.little liza jean496
109.look of love438
110.love me or leave me494
111.love olove675
112.man with a horn421
113.marriage is for old folks445
114.marry me738
115.memphis in june434
116.merry mending405
117.mississippi goddam453
118.mood indigo438
119.moon over alabama463
120.more i see you, the408
121.mr bojangles418
122.my baby just cares for me1810
123.my father413
124.my mans gone now538
125.my way413
126.ne me quitte pas403
127.no good man471
129.nobody knows you when youre down and out439
130.nobodys fault but mine476
131.o-o-h child351
132.obeah woman378
133.old jim crow396
134.other woman480
135.our love will see us through383
136.papa, can you hear me571
137.pirate jenny372
138.please read me485
142.rags and old iron411
143.real real632
144.real real441
145.see-line woman528
146.silver city bound357
147.since i fell for you438
148.since my love has gone487
152.something to live for384
153.spring is here444
154.stompin at the savoy452
155.strange fruit450
158.take care of business414
159.take my hand precious lord344
160.tell me more and more and then some more380
161.thats all538
162.thats all i ask394
163.thats all i want from you486
164.thats him over there509
165.theme from "middle of the night"409
166.theme from "sanson and delilah"414
167.theme from "sayonara"387
168.this years kisses528
169.thulasizwe/i shall be released387
170.times they are a changing331
171.to be young, gifted and black348
172.to love somebody405
173.tomorrow is my turn410
174.tomorrow we will meet once more356
175.trouble in the mind360
176.turn me on372
177.turn turn turn410
178.turning point410
179.twelfth of never391
180.when i was a young girl388
181.where can i go without you332
182.who am i367
183.who knows where the time goes363
184.why keep on breaking my heart373
185.wild is the wind496
186.willow weep for me332
187.work song366
188.you better know it356
189.you can have him i dont want him426
190.you took my teeth421
191.young knight342
192.youd be so nice to come home to558
193.youll never walk alone585
194.youve been gone too long392
195.youve got to learn380
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