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you gotta be ark sz

[verse 1]
everybody in the ghetto tell me...
is it a lie that i must be a ruffneck
and wear a frown just to be down?
i kinda dont agree with bein (tough)
but you gotta be (rough)
its either you claimin your hood, or youre not a gee
forget about respect, i refuse to be the next guy
fitted for a casket, either with it, or get blasted
i choose to gangbang, they give me a chrome-plated trigger
say, "if you got any heart, go rob that mini-mart, nigga"
now look what i done did, damn, i had to be the big man
theyre lookin at me shifty, better shut up fore i get slammed
man, im not a thief, good grief, and i dont wanna act hard
but then they said if i didnt do it, they was gonna gat, far
as i could see (i was gonna be)
the next new member of the crew, cause its 8 of them and 1 of me
i dont wanna do it, but i will
cause i still want folks to think that im hard and tough
cause you gotta be (rough)
cause you gotta be (tough)
cause you gotta be (rough)
(i used to be a stick-up kid)
[verse 2]
well, its the niggeroe, again, right back in where i left off
still tryin to make a decision, i might go to prison if i dont step off
but if i dont rob this store, then im not sure
if im gonna be considered as a gee
and you gotta be (rough)
cuffs are temporary, homies are for life
so i grab the deuce-deuce and go inside
i decide to prove in the mini-mart, "dont nobody move
start fillin up the paper sack with loot, or i might shoot"
but things didnt go as planned, cause this man had his own gun
were standin toe to toe, eye to eye, so i figured why not
pull the trigger? put this nigga on the ground
itll show that i had poise, then my boyll know im down
but i didnt do it quick enough, or he thought of it first
cause he blasted to the chest, and now im restin yellin, "nurse!"
and holdin on to life, or at least tryin to hold on
in a jailward wearin cuffs
cause i had to be (rough)
cause you gotta be (tough)
cause you gotta be (rough)
(i used to be a stick-up kid)
and everybody, everybody gotta be rough, yall
(i used to be a stick-up kid)
and everybody, everybody gotta be tough, yall
(i used to be a stick-up kid)
[verse 3]
well, thats the end of my tale, but before we know
foolsll just forget what i said, and the story go
on and on, until youre up to no good
and back throwin up your hood
and still doin what you shouldnt
niggeroes, come together, cause divided we fall
so stall that gang shit, stand up
quit standin in handcuffs
really hards when you got loot
and you aint gotta shoot
damn man, enough is enough
so why you gotta be (rough)
cause you gotta be (tough)
cause you gotta be (rough)
(i used to be a stick-up kid)


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