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new edition, new edition arklar, new edition ark szleri
1.a little bit of love is all it takes381
2.a million to one395
3.a thousand miles away526
4.all for love394
5.baby love476
6.boys to men566
7.bring back the memories456
8.can you stand the rain714
9.candy girl543
11.cool it now400
12.count me out305
15.do what i gotta do447
16.duke of earl659
17.earth angel421
18.gimme your love414
19.give love on christmas day431
20.gotta have your lovin480
21.hear me out430
22.helplessly in love441
23.hey there lonely girl653
24.hide & seek415
25.hit me off381
26.home again391
27.how do you like your love served456
28.if it isnt love687
29.intro to thats the way were livin518
30.is this the end521
31.its christmas all over the world538
32.im comin home498
33.im leaving you again629
34.im still in love with you478
35.jealous girl411
36.kinda girls we like473
37.lost in love409
39.mr telephone man434
40.my secret475
41.ne heartbreak547
42.oh yeah, it feels so good408
43.old friends395
44.on our own347
45.once in a lifetime groove419
46.one more day415
47.ooh baby440
48.popcorn love432
49.rock witcha597
53.she gives me a bang385
54.should have never told me437
55.since i dont have you652
56.singing merry christmas666
57.something about you409
59.tears on my pillow414
60.thank you the jginterlude437
61.thats the way were livin547
62.tighten it up395
63.voices that care382
64.when will i see you smile again512
65.where it all started469
66.whispers in bed392
67.with you all the way442
68.you dont have to worry514
69.youre not my kind of girl524
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